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Ways to listen to KWMR Radio

KWMR West Marin Community Radio is a homegrown, nonprofit radio station broadcasting live from West Marin, California, USA. We’ve been streaming local talk, a wide variety of music, and vetted emergency information for more than 24 years. Click here for a Printable Schedule.

~ Here’s how to tune into KWMR ~

📻 KWMR on the FM dial

  • 90.5 FM from Point Reyes Station
  • 89.9 FM from Bolinas
  • 92.3 FM from the San Geronimo Valley
  • Beyond: KWMR can be picked up as far south as coastal San Francisco and Pacifica, and as far north and northeast as Bodega Bay, Petaluma and Western Santa Rosa.
  • Don’t forget your car radio! (Especially helpful in times of disaster or power outages.)

📱 KWMR’s Mobile App

  • Download KWMR’s free Mobile App for iPhone and Android here 

💻 KWMR.org

🔊 KWMR on your Smartspeaker

  • Listen to KWMR via the TuneIn app
  • Or ask Alexa toPlay KWMR on TuneIn on your Amazon device.

📺 KWMR on Horizon Cable

If you subscribe to Horizon Cable’s “West Marin” service in Point Reyes Station, Olema, Inverness Park, Inverness or Dillon Beach, you have two options for listening to KWMR:
• Tune your TV to Channel 47
• Connect the Horizon cable directly to your FM radio

🔦 Troubleshooting your streaming choice:

Off the Air – KWMR can be heard directly on 90.5MHz in the northern area of West Marin, on 89.9MHz in the southern area and on 92.3MHZ in the San Geronimo Valley. In places where the KWMR signal is weak or scratchy an outside antenna can help.  We recommend this antenna.

Via Cable – If you subscribe to Horizon Cable you have two options for listening to KWMR:
– The first option is to tune your TV to channel 47 where KWMR audio is carried 24 hours a day
– The second option is to connect the cable directly to your FM radio.
Note: A splitter may be needed so you can connect your TV and FM radio at the same time.  Both the splitter and the necessary cables are hardware store items.
– KWMR can help with advice for any of these options.

📧 Email us for a PDF

  • Email [email protected] for a PDF document that lists all of the ways you can listen to KWMR.

Thanks for listening!

4:00pm - 5:00pm
Blouse Du Dentiste
Henri Salvador