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KWMR is a 501c3

KWMR is a nonprofit organization. Our EIN number is 68-0393101.


KWMR is community supported radio! We depend upon the support of our listeners to bring you the quality programming that you have come to love.  KWMR Membership is $30 for an individual and $55 for a household. Members are eligible to vote for the Board of Directors slate each year at the Annual Meeting. For more information, please see the KWMR Bylaws.

Click the button below to make a secure donation:




If you have a car, boat, truck or other vehicle that you no longer need, consider donating it to KWMR. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes and we will receive revenues from the sale of the vehicle. Cars don’t need to run or pass a smog test, and our representative will make arrangements to pick it up. Here is a FAQ link for more info.

Vehicle donations by phone:  1 866 KWMR CAR (1 866 596 7227)
Vehicle donations online:  Donate your vehicle online.


By giving appreciated property like stocks or bonds, you can avoid paying capital gains taxes on the appreciation, receive a tax deduction for the full value of the gifts and support KWMR at a lower cost to you. Please check with your tax advisor to determine the full deductibility of your donation.When KWMR receives a stock gift, our policy is to sell the stock as soon as possible after the receipt of the gift.

If you wish to donate stock, please use the following procedure:

1)  Notify your broker that you are making a charitable gift to KWMR, Inc.

2)  Instruct your broker to transfer the stock into KWMR’s account at Vanguard:
Vanguard Account Number: 566-20940
DTC #0062

3)  After you have completed the stock transfer, please contact Amanda Eichstaedt at KWMR and let us know the arrangements that you have made. This is important because your broker may not include your name in the transfer and we may not know who the stock is from. Notifying us enables us to track the transfer of the stock and acknowledge your gift promptly. Amanda can be reached at 415-663-8068, Ext. 104 or at



KWMR is proud to introduce The Megahertz Club! Join the club and support KWMR through your estate planning gifts. Your contribution will ensure that what you love – real, independent, community-powered radio – will be available and thriving for generations to come.

Megahertz Club FAQ
Giving to KWMR Through Your Estate Plan
Megahertz Club Declaration Of Intent


KWMR is always looking for volunteers to help with our ongoing projects – might you be interested in some of these opportunities? We can use help with basic office support – mailings, filing, typing and telephoning – weekdays, 10 am to 6 pm. Special events – such as our annual Spring and Fall Pledge Drives, usually in March and September, respectively – are an exciting time to volunteer at KWMR. Our pledge drive volunteers answer telephones, prepare meals for other volunteers, and staff our exciting fun-raising activities. We can also benefit from volunteers with such special skills, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, graphics design, and database entry.


KWMR needs your help with some office essentials. Do you have any of the following in used but good condition? We can put them to work and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt!

  • Apple computers and laptops, 2015 or newer

If you have any of these items and would donate them to KWMR, please contact Amanda Eichstaedt, Executive Direct/Station Manager, at

Please note: We appreciate your generosity and yet, for all the gratitude we feel, KWMR is not a recycling center. Please call us before you make a trip to the station, and please do not leave materials or property outside locked office doors. All donations are subject to acceptance by the KWMR staff.

Thank you for your consideration and support!