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Farewell Trusty Steed!

2/19/19 From Amanda’s Messy Desk….. Full disclosure. I have never donated a vehicle. Mostly because I have never had a vehicle to donate. I did have one that would have been worthy of the cause, but I found a sucker, er I mean, nice person who liked to tinker, to take on my old car,…

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French Pop, Local History, and the Oscars

  TUE  |  Feb 19 5 PM “Epicenter” Herb Kutchins interviews State Assembly Member Marc Levine. 10 PM “After Dark” Did the Grammys disappoint? Chances are so will the Oscars so instead tune in to Dr. Decibel’s all 70’s cinema salute!

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Next!! (AKA a bunch of cool upcoming events…)

2/12/19 From Amanda’s Messy Desk….. KWMR’s Sweethearts of the Radio concert was great fun! We appreciate the musical offerings of Teja Gerken, Rainy Eyes, and the LoWatters! We also appreciate the many volunteers to helped the event take shape. As we look towards our upcoming year we are equally as excited about many of the…

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Gorilla Healthcare, Coastal Gardens, & Heart Health

TUE | Feb 12 5 PM “Epicenter” Host Jim Fazackerley interviews Nurse Practitioner Lenore Arnoux. 8:30 PM “Trance Continental” dj kirisame has a unique taste on tunes. Lovely mix! 10PM “After Dark” Tune in as Dr. Decibel takes you Undercover! Tune in for an all 70’s spin on songs from the 60’s!

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How Many Have There Been?

From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt… Every year when we begin to produce Sweethearts of the Radio we wonder…”how many have there been?” Record-keeping is fuzzy, there may have been a year off, but emcee Elizabeth O’Brien seems to recall that it started in 2000, which would make it the 19th annual, but there have been…

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Incorporation, Free Diving, & Stressed Anchovies

TUE  |  Feb 5 5 PM “Temas Immigration” Learn the facts about immigration rights with a team of experts. (Spanish) 10PM “After Dark” Celebrate International Clash Day on KWMR with Dr. Decibel’s 3rd annual Clashtravaganza

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Crunchy Data is the Best!

From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt…. I’m a crunchy peanut butter kind of a gal. I don’t hate creamy, and I’ll run with it, but give me some texture! Speaking of texture, we got 68 responses to the “survey” aka “test.” So that you can see we are “thrifty,” er, or maybe just cheap,…

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