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~ 2023 Events ~

OCTOBER 16-29 2023: Fall Pledge Drive 
Fall Pledge Drive is the “big one” for KWMR: it’s when we need to raise the bar a bit higher and secure the funding necessary to keep the station running. You can always count on KWMR to bring you one-off pledge-drive specials, all-out entertainment, and thank-you gifts you can’t find anywhere else. Stop in to the station, grab a snack donated by our business partners and friends, and come see what community radio is all about. We always need your generous support! Pledge drive is the best time to make a donation.

~ Past Events ~

FEBRUARY —  ‘Sweethearts of the Radio’ (on hiatus) is KWMR’s annual Valentine’s concert for everyone, featuring a lengthy lineup of accomplished and beloved singer-songwriters under the spotlight. Each year this long-running show grows stronger, and the station really loves hosting this special community evening of entertainment. As always, a tempting array of sweets, tarts, and refreshments will be available for purchase, as well as KWMR swag and goodies. Mark your calendars for Valentine’s Day Weekend.

APRIL — Spring Pledge Drive is when we bring you a week of special, cross-show programming and we ask you to pick up your phone or go online and become one of the many individual contributors to KWMR. We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit independent media organization, so your donations are not only tax-deductible, but absolutely vital to our existence. KWMR springs into action during pledge drive; hosts collaborate on unique shows, we offer special premium “thank you” gifts for your pledges, and community businesses and members donate delicious meals for everyone to enjoy. It’s fun to pick up the phone, donate, and join us for pledge drive to keep KWMR broadcasting strong!

MAY — West Marin Kids Who Rock Concert! (on hiatus) A showcase of talent, at Lagunitas Taproom in Petaluma.

MAY / JUNE — Eat My Heart Out Supperclub (on hiatus) Imagine a dinner party where every tale spun across the table was kindling for the courses to come. EMHO is a storytelling dinner party pairing live performance with a menu whose design is directly inspired by the stories themselves, creating a five-course meal of edible metaphors. EMHO has been profiled in SF Weekly and New York Magazine; past performers include Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Neshama Franklin, and KWMR’s Mia Johnson and crowd-favorite Richard Dillman.

JUNE (discontinued 2019+) — “Daggie” Golf Tournament (event has been retired) After 8 successful DAGGIE Golf Tournaments, KWMR will take a break from this beloved event. The closing of the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course has given us pause, and we will evaluate the future of KWMR golf – if you have feedback, please send it to Amanda Eichstaedt, our Executive Director at [email protected].

DECEMBER / JANUARY— The Winter House Concert (on hiatus) is a unique gathering during the holidays. KWMR arranges for award-winning musicians to play an intimate show at a beautiful, tucked-away West Marin residence. Welcome the winter season with a spread of local gourmet treats, and celebrate community radio. 

DECEMBER — Holiday Theatre Production (Winter 2023) It was a wonderful farewell “It’s A Wonderful Life” performance in December 2018 – West Marin’s rendition of the classic holiday radio play by Joe Landry, at Toby’s Feed Barn. In 2019 we performed Dickens’ sweet roasted chestnut of a story, “A Christmas Carol,”…featuring a familiar cast of locals, including Geoff Hoyle as Ebenezer Scrooge! Proceeds benefitted KWMR. Thanks to all who made these productions happen! 

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