This week on KWMR: 3/22-3/30

TUE  |  March 22
5 PM “Epicenter” Jim Fazackerley talks with Lagunitas teens.
5:30 PM5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30 PM “Undercurrents” Not robots. Great mix of tunes.
8:30 PM ” Megalomedia Melange” With Djimi G.
Midnight 12 AM “The French Touch: Repeat” French Pop Music presented by Emmanuel from Studio LL.

WED  |  March 23
8 AM “Swimming Upstream”  Claire Peaslee, Donate Blood – it is needed, Dance Palace History, and then Fish Tales.
10 AM “Turning Pages: Book Club” Literature themed program.
11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” Weekly Spanish language program.
Noon – 2 PM “Planetary Radio,” “Making Contact,” and “Climate One”
2 PM “The French Connection” French Classical music with Emmanuel from studio LL, see details at
4 PM “Mesa Refuge Conversations” Conversations with authors at the refuge.
5 PM “Epicenter” Bolinas-Stinson School Dist. Update with Michelle Stephens.
5:30 PM 5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30 PM “Running With Scissors” It is National Record Store Day. Mike abides.
8:30 PM “Coast Highway Blues” Larry Rippee live spinning blues tunes.
10:30 PM “Sonic Sunspots” with Tony Palmer.

THU  | March 24
8 AM “Pieces of Peace” John Potash his book “The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders”; Jessica Bejarano Founder/Condr. SF Philharmonic.
9 AM “Curio Cabinet” Little bit of this, some of that. Including “Let’s Hear It.” Hosted by Jeff Manson. 
10 AM “Turning Pages for Children of All Ages” Kerry Livingston reading.
11:30 AM “Right Now” Eating bugs! Bill Broadbent on ‘Entosence”s mission of making insects part of the daily diet of North Americans.
1 PM “The Pulse” Host Maiken Scott leads this one-hour, weekly tour of the people and places at the heart of health and science.
2 PM “Classical Thursday” Hosted by John Levy.
4 PM “Teatime Books” Sit back and let Howard Dillon do the reading.
5 PM “Epicenter” Local public affairs and information.
5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30 PM “Shorty’s Bunkhouse” Shorty’s back in the bunkhouse with all her CDs.
8:30 PM “Off the Cuff” And and TK2.
10 PM “Stuck in the Psychedelic Era”  With the Hermit”

FRI  |  March 25
8 AM “Cultivating Place” Conversation with a new generation seed farmer, Petra Page-Mann. 
9 AM “Nonviolence Radio” Produced and hosted by Stephanie Van Hook and Michael Nagler.
10 AM “Turning Pages: Reader’s Delight” “The Forsyte Saga” read by Janet Robbins.
11 AM “Reveal” Deep dive on interesting stories by journalists.
12 PM “Alternative Radio” Hosted and produced by David Barsamian.
1 PM “Making Contact” Public affairs.
1:30 PM “The Laura Flanders Show” Current topics of interest.
2 PM “Classical Friday” Hosted by Chris Salak.
4 PM “The French Touch” French Pop music with Emmanuel from studio LL, see details of today’s show at
5 PM “Happy Hour” Tune in to see what’s “shaking.”
7 PM “Bring It On Home” Hosted by Neil Dickman.
9 PM “Chocablock” With your host Ryan Hett.

SAT  |  March 26
9 AM “Airwaves” Interviews hosted by Raul Gallyot.
10 AM “Day Six” from the Canadian Broadcasters.
11 AM “Cool Jazz Countdown” Hosted by Marcellus The Bassman Shepard and Kyle LaRue.
12 PM “Forms and Feelings” Jim Bennett plays music that can conveniently be described as jazz.
4 PM “Putumayo World Music,” and “Global Village” Every week on KWMR.
6 PM “High Country Celtic” With Joe Bly and Katie Marie.
8 PM “The Jazz Groove” Kozmo style.
10 PM “Saturday Night Function” Great tunes that he loves with Jeff Wilkinson.

SUN  |  March 27
7 AM “Sunday Baroque” A weekly radio program featuring beloved and appealing music composed in the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to it. 
9 AM “Sunday Celebration: Second Breakfast” NEW Great Sunday morning tunes to peruse the paper, sip coffee, or just star into space.
12 PM “Happy Days” Hosted and produced by Marcie Judelson.
1 PM” “Jazz Rhythm” Hosted and produced by Dave Radlauer.
2 PM “Foraging with Betsy Nichols” Produced and hosted by Betsy Nichols.
4 PM “To Hell and Bach” Hosted by Beth Underwood.
6 PM “Between Rock & a Jazz Place” Rock, jazz & spoken word all about colors. Which jazz great had his aura read to inspire tunes about his cosmic colors?
8 PM “Do You Ever” Hosted by Alyssa Tanner.
10 PM “LA Theatre Works” Plays produced for radio.

MON  |  March 28
8 AM “A Cuppa Jo”
 Only good news from Joe Bumenthal.
9 AM “In the Coastal Garden” Learn of sweet “Jimmy Nardello” pepper with Johnny Campbell, Manager of Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden in Novato.
10 AM “Turning Pages at Nature’s Pace” “Meadowland: The Private Life of an English Field” by John Lewis-Stempel.
11 AM “Epicenter” Updates with Marin County PIO, Brent Ainsworth.
11:30 “Bioneers” Current topics.
12 PM “The Farm and Foodshed Report” Hosted by Robin Carpenter.
1 PM “Milk Street Radio” Tips and tricks with great info on cooking.
4 PM “Tay Radio” Youth DJ
5:30 PM5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30 PM “Monday Mix” Singer/songwriter Ian Jones joins Amanda on the airwaves.
8:30 PM “Sessions from Chicken Point” Produced and hosted by Steve S.
12 AM “Deep Waking” Produced by Anthony Wright.

TUE |  March 29
8 AM “The Rise Up and Shine Show” Mary and Amber are back from radio jail.
10 AM “Turning Pages: Enthusiasms” Mark Epstein, buddhist psychiatrist will discuss his new book, The Zen of Therapy.
12 PM “On Being” with Krista Tippet.
1 PM “Hot Tech/Cool Science/Art’s Desire” Hosted by Julie Motz.
FEATURED IMAGE: 2 PM “New Orleans on the Faultline” Hosted by Mary Pepper. (Photo by David Garrison from Pexels)

5 PM “Epicenter” Local public affairs and information.
5:30 PM5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30 PM “Undercurrents” Hand-picked music for you, blending it with loving care.
8:30 PM “Megalomedia Melange!” Djimi G spins great tunes.
10 PM “Music Till Midnight” with your host Graham Patterson.
Midnight “The French Touch: Repeat” French Pop Music presented by Emmanuel from Studio LL.

WED |  March 30
8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Library, interviews, and then “Fish Tales.”
10 AM “Turning Pages: Book Club”
 Literary themes program.
12 PM – 2 PM “Planetary Radio,” “Making Contact,” “Climate One.”
2 PM “Classical Wednesday – The French Connection” Produced and hosted by Emmanuel.
5 PM “Epicenter” Local public affairs.
5:30 PM5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30 PM “West County Prowl” Produced and hosted by Mike Varley.
8:30 PM “Coast Highway Blues” Hosted by Larry Rippee.
10:30 PM “Sonic Sunspots” with Tones.