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A French Hour to
present you French Pop Music from France, Quebec, Belgium and other French speaking countries with your host Emmanuel. A French Native, Emmanuel resides in Inverness and is live on KWMR every Friday from 4 to 5pm and Tuesday at midnight for the French listeners [Wednesday 9am].  In the seventies, Emmanuel
hosted a similar program called Radio à la Carte for ten years on KQED radio San Francisco, and also sporadically on other stations such as KHSU,
KCSM and KUOP to name a few..


April 2: A conversation with Simon BEAUDOUX Producer with representing French artists with singers like RAVAGES [he is also the lead singer], Gisele PAPE and more. “La chanson française doit être comprehensible”.

April 9: Potpourri of French Pop

April 16: The Duos of the French Pop part 1 of 4 with Marc LAVOINE, Veronique SANSOM, Natasha St PIERRE, Pascal OBISPO, RENAUD, Axel RED, Francis CABREL and more.

April 23: The Duos of the French Pop part 2 of 4 with Celine DION, GAROU, Charles AZNAVOUR, Julien CLERC, Michel DELPECH, Noelle BROY, Christophe MAE, Daniel LEVY and more

April 30: The Duos of the French Pop part 3 of 4 with Andres BOCELLI, Helene SEGARA, Jean Jacques GOLDMAN, SIMIRA, Michael JONES, Alain SOUCHON, Laurent VOULZY and more

May 7: The Duos of the French Pop part 2 of 4 with Lara FABIAN, MAURANE, Michel BERGER, GAROU, Patricia KASS, Patrick BRUEL, Vanessa PARADIS, Serge GAINSBOURG and more

The French Connection on WEDNESDAYS 2PM on KWMR. Classical music with a French accent, by French composers and French artists.

March 31: French Classical music of the Romantic era, music by Louise FARENC, Charles GOUNOD, Edouard LALO, Camille SAINT-SAENS, Daniel AUBERT and more

April 7: French Composers and artists whose names start with the letter “A”,  like Jean-Henri d’ANGLEBERT [1629], Daniel AUBERT [1782], Adolph ADAM [1803], Louis AUBERT [1877], Georges AURIC [1899], Claude ARRIEU [1903], Jehan ALAIN [1911, Gilbert AMY [1936], Marie Claire ALAIN [1926], Joseph Henry ALTES, Pierre Yves ARTAUD, etc.

April 14: The French composers of the Classical era like Louis Emmanuel JADIN [1768], Chevalier de SAINT GEORGES [1745], Francois Andre PHILIDOR [1726], Ignaz PLEYEL and more.

April 21: Cello Music from Marcel PROUST’s salons including Henri DUPARC, Gabriel FAURE, Cesar FRANK, Reynaldo HAHN, Augusta HOLMES and Camille SAINT SAENS.

April 28: Music from Marcel PROUST’s salons Part II: BEETHOVEN, SCHUMANN, CHOPIN, WAGNER, CHABRIER, COUPERIN and more.

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Copies of the shows are available by request after donating at least $20.00 to KWMR FM.Thank you!


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