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A French Hour to
present you French Pop Music from France, Quebec, Belgium and other French speaking countries with your host Emmanuel. A French Native, Emmanuel resides in Inverness and is live on KWMR every Friday from 4 to 5pm and Tuesday at midnight for the French listeners [Wednesday 9am].  In the seventies, Emmanuel
hosted a similar program called Radio à la Carte for ten years on KQED radio San Francisco, and also sporadically on other stations such as KHSU,
KCSM and KUOP to name a few..


June 3: French Pop music of 1986, including Alain MORISOD, Jean-Pierre MADER, Marc LAVOINE, Michel SARDOU, Patrick BRUEL, GOLD , IMAGES , Jean-Jacques GOLDMAN and more.

June 10: French top songs in 1987, like Caroline LOEB, Celine DION, Jeanne MAS, Jean-Jacques GOLDMAN, Christine MINIER, Licence IV, Vanessa PARADIS, DESIRELESS, Marc LAVOINE, ELSA, Vivien SAVAGE, France GALL, Kate RYAN, Francis LALANNE, François FELDMAN, Stéphanie DI MONACO and others.

June 17: Meg, a temp DJ at the Knoxville, TN local Public Ratio station is helping Emmanuel introducing new French singers like Ahmed MOUICI, AMOURE, Antonin APPAIX, AOME, AVRIL, ECLO, Emma PETERS, FRANCOIS, INDOLORE, JEROME, KATERINE, NUIT INCOLORE, PÉPITE, PIROGUE,  and more.

June 24: Best songs of 1988, part 1 of 2

July 1: 40 Most downloaded French songs by French people, for the summer 2022

July 8: Best songs of 1988, part 2 of 2

July 15: Celebrating Bastille Day, la Fete Nationale Française.

July 22: 

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Copies of the shows are available by request after donating at least $20.00 to KWMR FM.Thank you!

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