Bluegrass, Democracy, and Happiness at Work

Our Program Highlights for the week starting on:

TUE  |  Sep 11
5 PM “Epicenter” Celebrating Mexican Independence Day in Point Reyes Station on September 15.
10 PM “After Dark” Dr. Decibel has got your healing prescription from the1970’s musical medicine cabinet!

WED  |  Sep 12
8 AM “Coastal Airwaves” Vickisa’s interview with E. Eric Jensen, Senior Director Product Design, Development at TraumaFX Solutions
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” California: The California Dream manifests in music from the 1930’s
5 PM “Epicenter” Marin County’s Search and Rescue program with Mike St. John, Kalyn Dawes.
THU  |  Sep 13
8 AM “Pieces of Peace” 
Dave Cort Exec. Dir. San Geronimo Valley Community Center.
8:30 AM ” Pieces of Peace” Laurie Marshal, Master Collaborator/Peace Activist
9 AM “Art Scenes” The arts in Marin.
1 PM “Specials” The Making of Male Dominance: invention & perpetuation of patriarchy in the West.
FRI  |  Sep 14
10 AM “Turning Pages Reader’s Delight” Janet Robbins continues reading “A Son at the Front”, Edith Wharton’s searing WWI novel.
12 PM “Alternative Radio” Ralph Nader – Democracy Matters (part 2)
SAT  |  Sep 15
7 AM “Morning Glory” Morning Glory’s Autumn Hues.
6 PM “Celtic Universe” Lyons hosts her second of three Celtic shows this month!
8 PM ” The Jazz Groove” Jeffry in to sub for Dr. Joe, then on until Midnight!
SUN  |  Sep 16
9 AM “Special”
The Science of Happiness at work.
2 PM “The Kitchen Sink” Eclectic tunes for your Sunday listening pleasure.
MON  |  Sep 17
6:30 PM “Foggy Ridge Music” Bluegrass and folk while the fog comes over the ridge.
TUE  |  Sep 18
10 AM “Reading to John” Neshama’s shares stories every other Tuesday.
2 PM “Tejano Conjuta Festival” This limited series continues on KWMR.
WED  |  Sep 19
8 AM “Swimming Upstream”
Yep, it’s “talk like a pirate” day.
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” The Anatomy of Melancholy 5: Old tears haunt the Stuarts from rebellion to regicide.