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We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.
Thich Nhat Hanh

After four years at KWMR, Katie Eberle is leaving to go and work full-time at Parallax Press in Berkeley, CA. This press was founded by Thich Nhat Hanh. As many of you may know, Katie is one of the founding members of Mount Vision Press, which published four Inverness Almanacs, and a book of poetry by David Bailey. While she has honed her radio chops, this new job offers more opportunities for her to explore the world of publishing – another of her passions.

Katie can be thanked for her work spiffing up KWMR’s image in many ways. She was part of the stellar team that worked through the new carpet installation, and her experience and graphic eye have helped the station create the current website and much of our graphic presence. She has been a key part of KWMR growing our social media presence, and her contributions and assistance creating Epicenter, our daily local public affairs spot (Monday – Thursday at 5pm) has been critical to the momentum that we now have with this program.

Thankfully, the architecture (which she studied in college) for our website and other platforms is solid, and she is training Mia Johnson and me so we know how to keep things rolling. While we won’t be replacing Katie immediately – they pretty much broke the mold when she arrived on the planet – we will evaluate our needs and likely grow the team later in the fall at some point.

When the lovely folks from Parallax called to check her references and we had talked for a while, they asked, “Well, aren’t you going to really miss her if she leaves?” My response was that I would miss her terribly, but that I could not offer her a full-time job, and I know of her passion for publishing.

It looks like we will need to take a new staff photo for the website!

If you see Katie, wish her well, she is not leaving West Marin, and No Bad Vibes with DJ Barbarella will continue every other Friday evening at 9pm. We may even be able to squeeze a few good graphic projects out of her after she gets settled in her new work. You can email her at

The rest of the stellar KWMR team, Lyons Filmer, Richard Dillman, Ian McMurray, Mia Johnson, Sally Phillips and yours truly will keep the flame of true community radio burning with the white hot intensity of 1000 suns!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

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Top Photo: Richard Dillman, Mia Johnson, Ian McMurray, Lyons Filmer, Sally Phillips, Katie Eberle and Amanda Eichstaedt. Credit: Katie Eberle