Way Out West

New ownership at the gas station here: it’s now called “Point Reyes Station.” Kind of makes good sense. They cut down a beloved tree on the corner, but the sight lines are improved. Regardless, we were sad to see it go. Changes in a small town can really grab your attention. I saw that Ken Wilson is attempting to reactivate his permits for the improvements to the Grandi Building, which will be interesting. I hear tell that there are new owners of the William Tell in Tomales, too.

As things change, history is being made. If you would like to learn more about the town of Point Reyes Station, I recommend taking the Historic Walking Tour of the town. The tour is led by local historians and students who have brushed up on their local history. It starts at the Farmers Market on Saturdays at 10am. The Jack Mason Museum in Inverness and the Tomales History Center are both amazing resources. And Dewey Livingston’s new book, which will be out sometime this year (Volume 1) explores the history around Tomales Bay.

Dewey joins me on the air on the last Wednesday of the month to talk history at 8:30am. He’ll be back on the air on the 25th of July.

I’ve been pondering “West Marin.” I say I live in West Marin. Olema is where I reside, but I feel connected, quite possibly because of my job at KWMR, to the greater listening area of the radio station – which I consider West Marin…and beyond. When folks head out this way as a destination they often say they are going to “Point Reyes.” The land mass really grabs people’s attention, as it just out into the Pacific. Residents of Bolinas say they are from there, as a general rule. Marshallites are a rare breed, and are at risk of going extinct. I could go on…

Maybe best to consider the watersheds. KWMR has been called “Watershed Radio.” The map above from KRIS West Marin Sonoma tells a nice story.

As you plan for the next few weeks, don’t forget about Night of Nights! KWMR’s own Transmitter Engineer, Richard Dillman and his radio cohorts host this wonderful event every year on July 12th – that is THIS Thursday.

On Sunday, July 15th, KWMR is collaborating with Avery Hellman on a variety showfrom 3-5pm at the Dance Palace Church Space. We hope you can join us!

We just learned that KWMR host Emmanuel (The French Touch, Classical Friday) will be emceeing at the San Francisco Bastille Day event! Way to go Emmanuel.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

p.s. The wildland fire near Limantour yesterday was a great reminder to get yourself ready. A big thank you to all the first responders who put out the fire.