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“Article V”


Tuesday January 9th, 2024
From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt

Leave it! Learning, and Love!

Waylon, Ken and I are all adopting the new behaviors that increase his confidence and make all of our lives more enjoyable. An example of lifelong learning. “Leave it” is a lovely phrase and so is “quiet!” It’s an amazing and gratifying thing to see the positive changes in a six year old dog. Our follow-up training session, and thus my interview with Teri the trainer had to be postponed since Teri tested positive for COVID. It’s still out there folks! According to Marin County health experts and winter virus trends it should be peaking out soon and starting to subside. Time will tell. Stay healthy!

And speaking of learning, I have been pondering all of the things that I learn by conducting or engineering interviews for KWMR. The interview with Cathleen Dorinson about the ballots and unique qualities of Presidential Primary voting is one example, and the respiratory illness update from Dr. Lael Duncan from Monday’s Epicenter. And there is another one coming up tomorrow where Harriet Barlow is in conversation with Vicki Harrison who is the Director of Constitutional Convention and Protection Dissent Programs (quite a job description) at Common Cause. They will be discussion Article V. A very good thing to know about if you are not already up on the possible implications of this part of our US Constitution.

Yesterday something happened, and I believe it to be a first for KWMR. There was a live marriage proposal on the airwaves. KWMR’s archiving system was developed and is maintained by Travis Bernard of Creek.org. He began working with the station about nine years ago. He’s a smart dude, and very nice. We have become friends over the years and when he met Ava Chiao eight years ago they would occasionally come up for visit to West Marin, and even marched with KWMR in the Western Weekend Parade.

Yesterday I was giving Travis and Ava a “tour” of the KWMR studio when we went live on the air at just after 11:30 AM and Travis proposed to Ava. She said yes. And now the proposal is archived in Travis’ Creek system. Pretty cute and very touching. HERE is the audio. It was an honor and privilege to be in the studio with these two. Ava is a teacher and serves on the School Board in Cupertino and Travis runs his own business.

Ava Chiao and Travis Bernard.    photo: AE

Jeff Manson and I went down to Bolinas to have tea with KWMR Founder and original Program Director Muriel Murch. We discussed many things, and it is very fun to sit, eat scones and talk in depth about KWMR. You could say that we were “geeking out” in a pretty sophisticated manner. We were discussing the 25th anniversary of KWMR that is coming up this May 2nd. We have some super fun plans that are brewing, so stay tuned. Here is a link to Muriel’s KWMR History document. 


One thing that Jeff Manson is heading up is a Zine to encapsulate much of KWMR’s history over the past 25 years. You can participate.

Do you have a cherished memory of tuning in to a particular show? Perhaps a moment when KWMR played a role in bringing the community together? Or maybe an anecdote about a favorite DJ or program that left a lasting impact on you?

We welcome your personal stories, anecdotes, poems, illustrations, photos, or any creative expression that captures the spirit of KWMR and its significance in your life. Whether it’s a funny incident during a live broadcast, a heartwarming tale of connection, or a reflection on the station’s influence, we want to hear from you!

Submission Guidelines:

Written pieces should be no more than 500 words.
Artwork or visual submissions should be high-resolution (300 dpi) in JPEG or PNG format.
Multiple submissions are welcome.
Please include a brief bio (50 words max) with your submission.
Send your contributions via email to [email protected] with the subject line “KWMR 25th Anniversary Submission.” The submission deadline is Friday March 22nd.

Selected submissions will be curated and compiled into a special zine/chapbook to honor KWMR’s 25 years of broadcasting excellence. Contributors whose work is chosen for inclusion will receive acknowledgment and a copy of the publication.

We are also going to dig through our boxes of ephemera.   photo: AE

And the Calendar Club calendars (complete with a correct January 2025) is IN THE MAIL. Want one, but not a sustaining KWMR Donor? Become one! We will mail you one, too!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

p.s. Dan Hoyle is returning to West Marin with his new show Border People on Saturday, January 27 . Dan is an accomplished performer and son of two of my favorite people, Geoff Hoyle and Mary Winegarden. Dan is an amazing performer and his provocative theatre style is well worth checking out.

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