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Nov 7-15: Show Highlights

11/15/2023 ‚ÄĒ

A glimpse at this week’s programming…


TUE  | November 7
5:00 PM “Epicenter” 
5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News” 
6:30 PM “Feel Like I Do” Special guest hosts Jesse Lumb and Simon Woodard.
8:30 PM “Megalomedia Melange” Djimi G, in the house.
Midnight 12 AM “The French Touch: Repeat” French Pop Music presented by Emmanuel from Studio LL. 

WED  |  November 8
8 AM “Curio Cabinet” NEW DAY/TIME¬†Jeff Manson hosting.
9AM “The Lowdown”NEW¬†SURJ Marin updates and a big Thank YOU!
9:30 AM “Fish Tales”¬†Hosted by David Cook with Jonny on the Spot.
10 AM “Turning Pages: Poetry NOW!”¬†Poetry with Gene Ptak.
11 AM “Cute Radio”¬†They liked it better in this spot! Hang with the Cute gals!
Noon – 2 PM¬†“Like It Is,”¬†New¬†followed by¬†“Making Contact,”¬†and¬†“Climate One.”
4 PM “KWMR Youth DJ”¬†Youth voices and youth focused radio. Featured image: “The Chicken Strips” Youth Radio crew!!
5 PM “Epicenter”¬†Library and other updates.
5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30 PM “West County Prowl”¬†Hosted by Jeff Manson.
8:30 PM “Coast Highway Blues”¬†Hosted by Larry Rippee.
10:30 PM “Sonic Sunspots”¬†with Tony Palmer.

THU  | November 9
8 AM “Top of the Morning” Hosted by Howard Dillon and Molly Maguire.
10 AM “Turning Pages for Children of All Ages” Kerry Livingston reading.
11:30 AM “Bioneers”
12 PM “Philosophy Talk” It’s back!
1 PM “The Pulse” Host Maiken Scott.
2 PM “Classical Thursday” Hosted by John Levy.
4 PM “Teatime Books” Howard Dillon reading.
5 PM “Epicenter” Bolinas Civic Group.
5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30 PM “Bakersfield and Beyond” Mike Varley and Amanda Eichstaedt.
8:30 PM “Highway of Heartaches” Smelley Kelley and Owen Bly.
10 PM “Stuck in the Psychedelic Era”  With the Hermit”

FRI  |  November 10
8 AM “Cultivating Place” Conversations on natural history & the human impulse to garden.
9 AM “The Long Now” Speaking of time…
10 AM “Turning Pages: Planet Tales” Hosted by Lucy Vitali.
12 PM “Alternative Radio” Hosted and produced by David Barsamian.
1 PM “Making Contact” Public affairs.
1:30 PM “The Laura Flanders Show” Current topics of interest.
2 PM “Classical Friday” Janet Robbins hosts music by Locatelli, Mozart, Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn, Louise Farrenc, Cecile Chaminade!
4 PM “The French Touch” French Pop music with Emmanuel from studio LL, see details of today’s show at https://kwmr.org/shows/the-french-touch.
5 PM “Happy Hour” Tunes to chill out after a full week. 
7 PM “Sister Tiny’s Song and Dance” From Jive Radio.
9 PM “Chocablock” With your host DJ Landbird.

SAT  |  November 11
8 AM ‚ÄúL√≠nea Abierta‚ÄĚ de Radio Biling√ľe
9 AM ‚ÄúVoces de La Costa‚ÄĚ Y ‚ÄúEdici√≥n Semen√°ria‚ÄĚ
10 AM ‚ÄúCuerpo Coraz√≥n Comunid√°d‚ÄĚ

11 AM “Cool Jazz Countdown” Hosted by Marcellus The Bassman Shepard and Kyle LaRue.
12 PM “Forms and Feelings” Jim Bennett plays music that can conveniently be described as jazz.
2 PM “Hawaii Calling” Hosted by Susanna Henderson.
4 PM “Putumayo World Music”  
6PM “The Celtic Universe” Locally hosted Celtic music.
8 PM “Saturday Night Function” Jeff Wilkinson is back in the house.

SUN  |  November 12
7 AM “Sunday Baroque” A weekly radio program featuring beloved and appealing music composed in the baroque era (1600-1750) and the years leading up to it. 
9 AM “Sunday Celebration: Second Breakfast” alternating with “Earth Baby Radio” Great Sunday morning tunes to peruse the paper, sip coffee, or just stare into space. Second Breakfast coming your way!
12 PM “Contacto Brasil” Hosted by Oscar Garcia de Rosa.
1 PM “Gaeno” World music.
2 PM “Foraging with Betsy Nichols” 
4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg” Hosted by Rob Richards.
6 PM “Sufferin’ Jukebox” Hosted by DJ Charlie V.
8 PM “Clockwatchers” DJ Clockwatcher.
10 PM “LA Theatre Works”

MON  |  November 13
8 AM “With Eyes Open”  Hosted by Peter Asmus with “Nature Notebook” with Loretta Farley at 815 AM. Interviews at 8:30 AM.
9 AM “West Marin Naturalist Hour” Hosted by Dallas Smith, Liz Wilhelm, and Seamus Tomkins.
10 AM “Turning Pages at Nature’s Pace”  “Deep Oakland: How Geology Shaped a City” by Andrew Alden. Another terrific book from Heyday!
12 PM “The Farm and Foodshed Report” Robin interviews Albert Straus.
1 PM “Milk Street Radio” Tips and tricks with great info on cooking.
2 PM “Cruisin” Jeff Wilkinson hosting.
4 PM “Encuentro Latino” Dario D’Arrigo joins the KWMR airwaves. 
5 PM “Epicenter” Updates from Marin County.
5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30 PM “Echoplex”
  Music hosted by your friends and neighbors.
8:30 PM “Silver Dollar Jukebox” Peter Martinelli and friends.
10 PM “Night Beat” With host Ananda Brady.
12 AM “Deep Waking” Produced by Anthony Wright.

TUE |  November 14
8 AM “The Rise Up and Shine Show” Mary and Amber!
9 AM “Airwaves” Interviews conducted by Raul Gallyot.
10 AM “Turning Pages: Always Coming Home” Hosted by Lisa Doron.
1 PM “Hot Tech/Cool Science/Art’s Desire” Hosted by Julie Motz.
2 PM “Contacto Brasil”  The music of Brazil.
4 PM “Mesa Refuge Conversations” Conversations with Mesa residents.
5 PM “Epicenter” Local news and informatoin.
5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30  PM “Bashment Radio” Get your monthly dose of local reggae.
8:30 PM “Megalomedia Melange” Hosted by Jimmy G.
Midnight “The French Touch: Repeat” French Pop Music presented by Emmanuel from Studio LL.

WED |  November 15
8 AM “Curio Cabinet” Hosted by Jeff Manson.
9 AM “The Lowdown”NEW Amanda Eichstaedt hosting. Lost of fun info.
9:30 AM “Fish Tales” Hosted by David Cook with his sidekick Jonny On The Spot.
10 AM “Turning Pages: Poetry NOW!” Poetry with Gene Ptak.
12 PM – 2 PM “Planetary Radio,” “Making Contact,” “Climate One.”
2 PM “Cute Radio” Sabreen and Bianka with great tunes.
4 PM “Youth DJ Project” Bring on the kids!
5 PM “Epicenter” Local news and information.
5:30 PM “As It Happens” & “National Native News”
6:30 PM “Running With Scissors” Hosted by Mike Varley.
8:30 PM “Coast Highway Blues” Hosted by Larry Rippee.
10:30 PM “Sonic Sunspots” with Tones.


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I Think of You
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