The Farm and Foodshed Report

  • Every Mondays, 12:00pm1:00pm

Who said that Hunter Gatherers and Farmers can’t get along?

Your local “Hunt and Gather Girl” Robin Carpenter is the host and producer of the Farm & Foodshed Report every Monday at high noon.

Robin does enlightening interviews with farmers, ranchers, fishermen, oystermen, chefs, artisan food makers, permaculturists, scientists, environmentalists, rabblerousers and advocates for a healthy, just, and thriving foodshed.

Recent topics include:

“Our Revolutionary Treatment Free Beekeepers”
“Defending Beef – The Case for Sustainable Meat Production”
“Beyond GMOs – The Rise of Synthetic Biology”

Have something to share about life in the foodchain?
Email Robin at [email protected]

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12:00pm, 5-22-2023

12:00pm, 5-15-2023

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