Rock of Ages

  • Sundays, 8:00pm10:00pm

Rock of Ages features an hour of music from the Golden Age of rock ’n’ roll: deep tracks, rarities, and obscurities—and occasionally hits by the usual suspects—released during the period ranging from the early sixties to the early seventies, followed by conversations with and performances by local musicians in the second hour. Chances are that even if you’re a music scholar specializing in popular music from that era, you’ll hear much that is new and exciting. Rock of Ages encompasses many rock genres: pop, early rock ‘n’ roll, surf, soul, rhythm and blues, folk, beat, freakbeat, garage, protopunk, psychedelic, progressive, jazz, blues, country, and hard rock and early heavy metal. Music from the famous but forgotten, the famous before they were famous, the almost famous, and the never even close to famous. Unexpected (and superior) music from one-hit wonders. Music from all over the world. Rock for the ages. (Then stick around for the second hour and listen to artists and bands based in Marin County and beyond play original live and recorded songs and talk about their music.)

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8:00pm, 10-21-2018

8:00pm, 10-14-2018