Pieces of Peace

  • Alternating Thursdays, 8:00am9:00am

8-8:30 AM Pieces of Peace gives a voice to individuals who, in some way and to some degree, are working toward a better world. Guests can be local, national, or international. Their interests include a plethora of topics such as art, NGOs, spirituality, education, music, and much, much more. It’s always a beautiful thing. With Susan Santiago.

8:30-9 AM Right Now: A short & sweet morning show hosted by Mia Johnson. What’s the difference between alligators and crocodiles? What are the benefits of procrastination? It’s 9:30 AM, people!  Brew some black tea, blast the heat, and listen to a topic you didn’t know you were interested in!  

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8:00am, 5-5-2022