Facebook, September 1964, & Certified Organic

TUE  |  Jan 21
4 PM “Youth DJ” At 4 is Zoe and 4:30 Linnea and Harper present their news and tunes.
5 PM “Epicenter” Zsuzsanna Biran, owner of West Marin Pharmacy discusses the pharmacy.
Evening Music 6:30 PM “Musical Variete,” 8:30 PM “Bashment Radio,” and 10 PM “After Dark”
Midnight 12 AM “The French Touch: Repeat”

WED  |  Jan 22
8 AM “Swimming Upstream” How to vote if you are registered “no party preference.” Claire Peaslee, library shenanigans, and “Fish Tales.”
1 PM “Alt Classical Wednesday” An Evening in the Palace of Reason: Selections from The Musical Offering and other works by Bach.
4 PM “Youth DJ” at 4 is the Logan Berryman show with his playlist of the moment.
4:30 PM “Youth DJ” Double Chuckles present “Riddle to Win” tune in and answer to win a prize.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “West County Prowl, 8:30 PM “Coast Highway Blues,” 10:30 PM “Sonic Sunspots”

THU  | Jan 23
12 PM “Let’s Talk” We will be talking about Facebook, with Guest Host, Maya Rose.
1 PM “Hot Tech/Cool Science & Arts Desire” Julie Motz in the house with interesting interviews and art reviews.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “Bakersfield and Beyond,” 8:30 PM “Highway of Heartaches” and 10:00 PM “Professor Kozmo!”

FRI  |  Jan 24
4 PM “The French Touch” Emmanuel brings you a fine selection of French tunes.
Evening Music: 5:00 PM “Happy Hour,” 8:30 PM “Night Flight” and 10:30 PM “Forms and Feelings”

SAT  |  Jan 25
11AM “Off Center Sports” Last show, end of an era!
Evening Music: 6:00 PM “Celtic Universe,” 8:00 PM “The Jazz Groove,” and 10:00 PM “Saturday Night Function”

SUN  |  Jan 26
4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg” It’s September 1964 in London and Shirley Bassey provides James Bond with another hit!
Sunday Afternoon/Evening: 2 PM “Foraging,”4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg,” 6:00 PM “Radio Loco” 8:00 PM “Radio Killed the Video Star”
10 PM “LA Theatre Works” 

MON  |  Jan 27
12 PM “The Farmer’s Overalls” Warren Weber will be talking about the beginnings of the Organic Movement and the origin of the Certified Organic label.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “Some Country” 8:30 PM “Silver Dollar Jukebox,” and 10:00 PM “Megolamedia Melange!”


TUE |  Jan 28
11 AM “Questing: Where is the Path” David Seaborg, president of World Rain Forest as guest on Questing.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “Musical Variete,” 8:30 PM “Wanderlust,” 10 PM “After Dark.”
Midnight The French Touch: Repeat” 
Emmanuel shares today’s and yesterday’s French Pop Music.

WED |  Jan 29
8 AM “Swimming Upstream”  Last Wednesday means history with Dewey Livingston!
11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” NEW HOST: La Doctora Martha Sofia Guerra.
12 PM – 2 PM “Planetary Radio,” “Making Contact,” and Climate One”
2 PM “Alt Classical Wednesday”
 An Evening in the Palace of Reason: Selections from The Musical Offering and other works by Bach.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “Running With Scissors,” 8:30 PM “Coast Highway Blues,” 10:30 PM “Sonic Sunspots.”