Welcome Aboard!

December 10th 2019
From Amanda’s Messy Desk…

Happy Raccoon brings us all good news! (and we forgot to take a photo)

Early this fall KWMR posted the opening for the Program Director Job. If you are not yet aware of the upcoming retirement of long-time Program Director Lyons Filmer, then welcome to your first Round Up newsletter.

In order to cast a wide net, KWMR posted the opening on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting site, on SF Craiglist, on the National Federation of Community Broadcasters site, and on the Association of Independents in Radio: AIR site, as well as in the Point Reyes Light, to name a few. The job posting closed on October 15th, fifteen resumes were received.

Interviews began in November, and KWMR founders Muriel Murch and John Gouldthorpe joined me as the primary hiring committee. Bonny White, Deputy Director of the Marin County Free Library joined at the onset to help guide the process and review the questions for the initial round of interviews.

The process went smoothly, and we offered the job of Program Director to Jeffrey Manson, and he accepted. Jeff has been a programmer on KWMR for several years and hosts Wednesday night music program “West County Prowl.” Jeff lives in Bolinas with his wife Vanessa Waring and his two young sons, Otis and Robin. We are excited to have Jeff joining the team, and he will start in early January.

We hope that you will join us for a reception at the Dance Palace Church Space on Sunday, January 19 between 3-5 PM.  We will raise a toast to Lyons Filmer and welcome Jeff Manson to the team. We look forward to seeing you then (if not before).

I’m excited to have found a new Program Director and relieved to have this process behind us. While I will miss Lyons (she will still be doing all her shows!) I welcome Jeff to the fold. We have a great team here at KWMR!

A note on “Black Friday.” Chris Desser, who now hosts an interview program “Enthusiasms” on KWMR the third Thursday at 10 AM. She will share the spot with “Radio Bookmobile,” and “Turning Pages for Children of All Ages.” Chris points out that on the Friday after Thanksgiving their profits soared as folks shopped, bringing their bottom lines “into the black.” Thanks Chris for joining the programming team, and for this insight! Chris also serves on the KWMR Community Advisory Board.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. There are a few tickets remaining for the Holiday Play! Get em while they are still available!