Kitchen Sisters, Tasers, & Great Interviews!

TUE  |  Dec 10
4 PM “Youth DJ” Linnea and Harper are in during the first half hour and Zoe comes in at 4:30.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “Musical Variete,” 8:30 PM “Bashment Radio” and 10:30 PM “After Dark”
Midnight 12 AM “The French Touch: Repeat” 

WED  |  Dec 11
8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Indivisible West Marin, Family Music Hour, and Keeley Valentino with new music!
2 PM “Alt Classical Wednesday” American Third Symphonies by Schuman, Hanson and Persichetti.
4 PM “Youth DJ” At 4 Logan Berryman spins his tunes and at 4:30 Double Chuckles with Coco and Django will be celebrating Santa.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “West County Prowl,” 8:30 PM “Coast Highway Blues,” and 10:30 PM “Sonic Sunspots”

THU  | Dec 12
11 AM “Specials” The Kitchens Sisters new series, The Keepers: “Archiving the Underground.” Narrated by Frances McDormand.
1 PM “Specials” “What is this thing called Science, anyway?” From Blue Dot at North State Public Radio.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “Bakersfield and Beyond,” 8:30 PM “Highway of Heartaches,” and 10:00 PM “Professor Kozmo!”

FRI  |  Dec 13
11 AM “Reveal” Tasers: they are on the duty belt of nearly every American police officer.
2 PM “Classical Friday” Janet Robbins hosts Classical Friday: Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, even Dylan Thomas for a very Merry Christmas!
4 PM “The French Touch”
 Singing in the rain – in French of course with Emmanuel.
Evening Music: 5:00 PM “Happy Hour,” 8:30 PM “Night Flight,” and 10:30 PM “Forms and Feelings”

SAT  |  Dec 14
Evening Music: 6:00 PM “Celtic Universe,” 8:00 PM “The Jazz Groove,” and 10:00 PM “Saturday Night Function”

SUN  |  Dec 15
9 AM “Sunday Celebration” Three hours of classical contemplating and rejuvenating music especially selected for you by
2 PM “Foraging” with host Betsy Nichols.
4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg”
It’s September 1964 in London and first records are released from The Moodyblues (sic), Belfast’s Them and Joe Cocker!
Evening Music: 6:00 PM “Radio Loco” 8:00 PM “Radio Killed the Video Star” and 10:00 PM “L.A. Theatre Works”

MON  |  Dec 16
4 PM “Youth DJ” Tay Radio is on at 4. At 4:30 it’s the Good News Show with Lorelei and Nathan. Please call in to share your good news.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “Some Country” 8:30 PM “Silver Dollar Jukebox,” and 10:00 PM “Professor Kozmo!”

TUE |  Dec 17
10 AM “Special: Enthusiasms” Chris Desser in conversation with philosopher AC Grayling.
11 AM “Questing: Where is the Path” Saami-American author Ron Riekki describes language and culture of Northern Europe’s only recognized indigenous peoples.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “Musical Variete,”
8:30 PM “Wanderlust,” and 10:30 PM “After Dark”
Midnight “The French Touch: Repeat” 
Emmanuel shares today’s and yesterday’s French Pop Music. Contact:

WED |  Dec 18
8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Morning variety show with guest interviews, music, trivia and more.
10 AM “Turning Pages: Special” Richard Louv, author of “OUR WILD CALLING: How Connecting with Animals Can Transform our Lives—and Save Theirs”
11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” NEW HOST: La Doctora Martha Sofia Guerra.
12 PM – 2 PM “Planetary Radio,” “Making Contact,” and Climate One”
2 PM “Alt Classical Wednesday”
 Piano Concertos by Haydn, Beethoven and Ries.
Evening Music: 6:30 PM “Running with Scissors” 8:30 PM “Coast Highway Blues,” and 10:30 PM “Sonic Sunspots”