PG&E Marin County Shut Off Map (& Amanda’s article!)

First off…an important announcement as of 10/8/19:

PG&E has planned shut offs for 30 counties in California, including
Marin (see map above). PG&E’s website has been overwhelmed. Please take the time to register for Alert Marin and Nixel to stay informed. There is a Red Flag Warning in effect for Marin County through 5 PM Thursday 10/10/19. This is the height of fire season. Please keep yourself informed and be ready to go if directed to do so. For more information from the County of Marin click HERE. To monitor several Twitter feeds from first responder agencies see

ABOVE: PG&E Marin County Shutoff Map

From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt…
October 8, 2019

Everyone Knows Stuff

Regardless of how much time you spent paying attention (or even attending) school, you know stuff. Maybe there are things that you are really interested in, and you have spent time learning about. Perhaps you have watched a ton of movies, are a sports fanatic, have a knack for science, or have a thing for local history. 

The beauty of the Trivia Bee is that your knowledge, paired with others who know different things, can create a winning trivia team. Believe you me, I participated in the Trivia Bee many years ago several times. There is a ton of stuff that I do not know, but there is some stuff that I do know, I’m not even sure why or how I know it. I may have only contributed to a few right answers, but I was on a team that did pretty well! And it was fun!

In talking with Trivia Master Matt Gallagher (who under a veil of secrecy is developing the trivia questions), his concern is that folks get afraid to fail, so they don’t participate. It’s all in good fun, and while some teams are good enough to take top billing, without a good robust turnout, it just won’t be as much fun – plus you might even learn some stuff!

It’s simple. You find four people and you can each register for $25 each and be a team. You can call yourselves whatever you want (if you want a name for your team), you can wear your Halloween costume if you feel like it (heck, it’s on October 27th!). If you would like your company/organization to get a lot of mentions on the air, on the program, on social media etc. you can sponsor a team. All the info is HERE. 

This year there is a youth category!

If you prefer to fly solo, and take your chances you can sign up as a solo player and we’ll find a team for you. So, find some folks with different interests and pull together a team. Your knowledge is just fine!

And yes! You can just come and watch, audience encouragement and cheering is good for the brain synapses. There will be some refreshments, and other shenanigans. Hope you can join us!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director