They Leave Every Time

You know those inspirational posters that they market for the workplace? The ones that show the “perfect” light at a beach, or a sunset with some inspirational saying in script near the bottom? If you start looking around at the natural beauty of where we live, you might just catch a glimpse of an image or two reminiscent of those posters.

I’ve had a few of those moments lately, where the physical beauty of a place is so stunning, it quite literally takes your breath away. The light through the trees, river otters running across the beach, a seal observing from the bay, hummingbirds gathering nectar from flowers, so much beauty. I spoke to a man from out of town on the top of Mt. Wittenberg who was asking if the view was better from the top. “Nope, not unless you enjoy looking at trees. The best view is just a bit further along this trail. Even I had to stop and just stare at it.” He congratulated me on continuing to enjoy the place that I live, and for the tip.

Do you ever have a 100% success rate at something? I suppose of you are reading this, your breathing has continued “in, out, in out.” 100%!!  I can think of very few things other than the obvious where I have had a 100% success rate. In fact, there is definitely some spaghetti throwing that goes on in my world. “Hey, let’s see what sticks!”

This past week, I posted the Program Director job. It has been on my “to do” list for a while, and there is a plan in place to move the process forward. But boy howdy, did I feel a bit of a gut punch after completing that task. I have known nothing other than Lyons as Program Director at KWMR. She is an institution. I got finished putting the position up in several places (more to come) and I had to take a break. Should I head to the Western for a stiff drink? I opted for a big glass of water and then went up to the main office to talk with Mia and Lyons. On a scale of 1-10, posting that job is up there around 8.5, if you ask me. I’m hopeful about the possibility of the next era at KWMR. And I appreciate the many years that I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Lyons Filmer.

I spend a lot of time with our pup Waylon. I guess I’m a doting “dog mom.” Does that make me a dogma? As I type this, he is lying at my feet. We are listening to KWMR (Radio Loco, with DJ Lobo – great NEW show). Things are in a constant state of flux, I should not be concerned about change.

Waylon is obsessed with birds and all things that fly, and has a special bark for ridding the yard of jets flying over. Since we are in the flight path here in Olema, he has ample opportunity to “rid the yard of jets.” And you know what? He has a 100% success rate! I hope it stays that way. They leave every time!

Thank you all for listening, words of encouragement,  feedback, coming on the air, attending events, donating vehicles, and for reading this newsletter! You ROCK!

Keep on keeping on!

Amanda Eichstaedt, Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s.. Big news! Next week we launch the announcement for the return of the Trivia Bee! Mark your calendars – Saturday, October 19. Yay, hooray!

20 for 20 UpdateWe are rocking it with “20 For 20,” and have eclipsed $3500 raised (goal of $10,000). We want to thank the many individuals who have donated online, or walked up to one of our staff on the street, or at an event. Every penny counts!

TOP PHOTO: Image courtesy of Zazzle!