That Hint of Fall

20 for 20 Update: 

We are rocking it with 20 For 20, and have eclipsed $3000 raised (goal of $10,000). We want to thank the many individuals who have donated online, or walked up to one of our staff on the street, or at an event. Every penny counts!

September Update:

Here we are just starting the last month of KWMR’s fiscal year. The days are getting shorter and the overnight lows are just hovering above the 50 degree mark. What does all this mean for KWMR?
This is our last chance to raise funds towards our operating budget for this fiscal year. The 20 For 20 Campaign will run through September 30, and we’ll see how we do! The KWMR Board will approve a budget for the upcoming year (October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020). We are already prepping for our fall events, and Pledge Drive, and thinking ahead towards the holiday play at Toby’s.

Next week KWMR will post the Program Director Job Posting near and far in order to recruit a new Program Director who will start after the first of the year. 

And we are all busy with the usual things: the programming schedule, underwriting, raising funds, and the usual daily tasks which include paying bills, bookkeeping, and making sure all the equipment is in working order for our many volunteers.

A few things to note!

  • KWMR has four Programmers who have created boxes for the Gallery Route One Box Show, that wraps up this coming Sunday, September 8. Jaime Crespo, Loretta Farley, Shelley Rugg, and Vickisa! If you have not had the opportunity to peruse this creative extravaganza, I highly recommend it!
  • KWMR had two board members performing in the Shakespeare production of As You Like It – Sharron Drake (the Producer), and Kristen McDonald, our Board President. Along with two KWMR Programmers – Shelley Rugg and Charlie Morgan were also in the play!
  • The Delores Huerta event was well attended, and a great success for our neighbors and community partners – West Marin Community Services. Congratulations!
  • The Summer Stomp II is coming up on Saturday, September 7th at Love Field. Jonathan Korty is the Producer, and there will be a lot of fine music. Tickets are going fast!

Alright, time to get ready for our Staff Meeting at KWMR. This is such a great team to work with, and we have fun doing it! 

Enjoy your week, be kind to one another and enjoy sun and the fog!

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Waylon says hi! He is now officially a radio dog, and comes to work with me most days. Stop in and say “hello!” 

Top Photo: Waylon! Photo: Amanda

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