June of 1964, French Tunes, & The Moth

TUE  |  Aug 20
11 AM “Turning Pages: Reading to John” I had a marvelous time at the National Storytelling Network Summit where I told about me and The Moth. I’ll tell here.
10 PM “After Dark” Classic, progressive, glam, metal, grunge, punk alternative… call it what you want. We still call it rock.
WED  |  Aug 21
8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Library updates, and coastal cleanup.
9 AM “Off Leash” Update from Wildcare about connecting children to nature.
10 AM “Turning Pages: Magic Lantern” Susan Oxtoby of Berkeley Art Museum’s Pacific Film Archive will talk about current and upcoming fall film programs.
10:30 AM “Turning Pages: Magic Lantern” Discussion with writer, Susan Compo, about the films of the late Peter Fonda.
4 PM “Youth DJ” Double Chuckles will be on Youth DJ project again presenting double the fun at 4:30.
THU  | Aug 22
2 PM “Classical Thursday” Paul Smith in the house this Thursday.
6:30 PM “Bakersfield and Beyond” Mike and Amanda interview Dayton Duncan, writer and producer of the new Ken Burns documentary The History of Country Music.
8:30 PM “Highway of Heartaches” Owen and Smelley will keep you in stitches while your foot is tapping and you are groovin’ to the tunes.
FRI  |  Aug 23
2 PM “Classical Friday” Emmanuel interviewed Dorian P., a 14 year old young prodige playing organ and piano in a small village in Provence.
4 PM “The French Touch” The local French Yéyé band Rue ’66 is releasing their first CD with their leader Serge Martial on The French Touch.
7 PM “Night Flight” Bill Steele will bring you in for a landing with his great mix of rock-n-roll, blues, and R&B.
SAT  |  Aug 24
7 AM “Morning Glory” A fine way to start the weekend. Classical music with Anneke van der Veen.
2 PM “Desde la Bahia”
Maria Marquez creates a wonderful montage of music for your Saturday afternoon.
11 AM “Off Center Sports” What will it be this week? Could be any unique niche sport. Tune in to find out!
SUN  |  Aug 25
4 PM “Midnight on Luxembourg” It’s June 1964 in London and the Jagger/Richard songwriting team have two in the Top Ten!
MON  |  Aug 26
12 PM “The Farmer’s Overalls”
 Special guest, Alice Waters, talks about creating the Edible Schoolyard Project and also discusses her latest endeavor.
2 PM “Cruisin'” Rick Clark may surprise you with comedy, smooth jazz, sound effects, but always a great mix of tunes.
TUE |  Aug 27
2 PM “Circulo Musical” Jesus Martinez has moved to every other Tuesdays from 2-4, in case you were missing his Saturday show!
10 PM “After Dark” Classic, progressive, glam, metal, grunge, punk alternative… call it what you want. We still call it rock.