Woodstock, 1964 in London, & Violence

TUE  |  Aug 6
10 AM “Turning Pages: Reading to John” At the marvelous National Storytelling Network Summit I shared about my Moth experiences. I’ll tell that story here.
10 PM “After Dark” Classic, progressive, glam, metal, grunge, punk alternative… call it what you want. We still call it rock.

WED  |  Aug 7
8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Libraries, and Migrant Pickers in studio.
9 AM “Off Leash” Acclaimed Author Sy Montgomery shares her discoveries on Octopodes via her new book “The Soul of an Octopus.”
4 PM “Youth DJ” Double the laughter with chuckles presented by CoCo and Django DeLong.
THU  | Aug 8
112 PM “Let’s Talk” Let’s Talk Violence.
6:30 PM “Bakersfield and Beyond” Celebrating some Bakersfield Birthdays, including Buck, Don, and Rose!
FRI  |  Aug 9
4 PM “The French Touch” Emmanuel will show that French jazz is not very well known but it exists as part of the French Pop Music.
5 PM “Happy Hour” Liberacha mixes it up with Claude de Boozy, the perfect cap to your work week.
SAT  |  Aug 10
7 AM “Morning Glory” Anneke van der Veen starts off your Saturday in the best way ever!
4 PM “Putumayo World Music,” & “Global Village” World music on Saturday, every week!
6 PM “The Celtic Universe” Lyons Filmer spins Celtic tunes from near and far.
SUN  |  Aug 11
2 PM “Foraging with Betsy Nichols” You never know what you and Betsy might discover on this musical adventure.
4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg” It’s June 1964 in London; Dusty has a new single and there’s new Beatles product, plus The Downliners Sect!
6 PM “The Brian Turner Show” An uncategorizable collage of many tones and foreign tongues.
MON  |  Aug 12
12 PM “The Farmer’s Overalls” Have an interest on learning about agriculture classes? Tune in as educators in the Bay Area discuss the possibilities.
5 PM “Epicenter” 
Grey Shepard interviews Elliot Cahn, guitarist for She-Na-Na, who played Woodstock plus another guest who also attended.
6:30 PM “Solid Sender” Amanda’s mixing it up with new, and older tunes for a fun mix.
TUE |  Aug 13
11 AM “Questing: Where is the Path” A childhood in Nazi-occupied Holland. Hendrika de Vries reads from her compelling memoir and speaks of those years.