Those Dang Naked Ladies

July 30, 2019

From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt…

Revolving Door, Please…

Some things are dependable. Larry Rippee, Tony Palmer, Charlie Morgan and naked ladies. Some of our programmers have been here since day one. They were here before day one, when KWMR was still exclusively a Horizon Cable station (pre-FCC license). But those naked ladies, while dependable always make me a bit melancholy. I mean, Larry, Tony, & Charlie are on the air all year, but those naked ladies sprout those beautiful green leaves in the fall, and then they dry up, like old corn husks, and then out of a clump of dry leaves sprout these crazy stems that produce fragrant pink flowers. Naked ladies – Amaryllis Belladonna. That means fall is on the way. I feel like I should go out and buy some new pencils and notebooks and a few Pee-chees.

Other things are in a constant state of flux, while not huge changes, there are some. Lyons Filmer does a great job of herding cats when it comes to the recruitment and training of new folks, the reviewing of people who have been here for a bit, and the maintenance of the schedule. There are some recent changes.

Let’s start with Monday. All good in the hood here. Lyons Filmer and Susan Hayes are hosting a neat gardening program called “In the Coastal Garden” every other week at 9 AM.  Creta Pullen has launched an every other week program (sharing the spot with Farm and Foodshed) called “The Farmer’s Overalls.” She will focus on the agricultural community. I have changed the name of my 6:30 PM show from “Release Me,” to “Solid Sender.” I’m mixing it up. Look out.

Tuesdays have a few adjustments. Don’t despair, long-time programmer Jesus Martinez did not leave. He did retire from his job at the Seshore, but has moved “Circulo Musical” to every other Tuesday at 2 PM.  We have lost both of our 8:30 PM hosts! Kid Adam has moved out of the area, and has given up “DJ Your Life” for now. And dj Kirisami is also deep into pursuing her career goals, and lives far away. We bid them adieu (for now). Those crazy reggae guys (DJs Omatic and Zelus) have moved into Kid Adam’s spot. So get your reggae on earlier, starting at 8:30 PM every other week. Go “Bashment Radio!”

Wednesday is holding steady. Go Wednesday!

Thursday! Mia Johnson now follows Susan Santiago for a whole hour with “Right Now.” There is some question about what will live long and prosper every other week at 8:30 PM as well as 10 PM to midnight. Stay tuned. Professor Kozmo is always at the ready when it comes to spinning tunes.

Fridays are good. No, actually they are GREAT! Got some new morning action cooking with Charles Schultz 9 AM morning show “Holding Court.” Yes folks, he is back, and still opposite “Nonviolence Radio.” Funny how that works. Todd Plummer hosts “Wild Marin” every other week at 8 AM. Get your nature on!

Saturdays are holding steady, except Jesus Martinez move to every other Tuesday. Our friends at “Putumayo World Music,” and “Global Village” are holding down the fort every week from 4-6 PM now.

Sunday. Pat Kleeman is returning from his sabbatical and will re-plumb “The Kitchen Sink.” Hooray! Gregory DeMascio has driven off and left us standing on the side of the highway as “Along for the Ride” has retired. But never fear. Brian Turner is in the game with “The Brian Turner Show” rounding out nicely every other Sunday after Betsy Nichols’ “Foraging,” and Rob Richards’ “Midnight in Luxembourg.” Brian comes to KWMR after many years programming at legendary WMFU!

So there you have it, in a nutshell. Well, except for those wily Youth DJs, who change it up regularly due to their school schedules.

Happy Listening!
Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

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