Psychadelic-assisted Therapy, Soil Health, & Zero Waste

TUE  |  July 23
10 PM “After Dark” Classic, progressive, glam, metal, grunge, punk alternative… call it what you want. We still call it rock.
WED  |  July 24
8 AM “Swimming Upstream”
9 AM “Off Leash”
Sitting with gorillas.
10 AM “Magic Lantern” Sally Phillips interviews legendary actress, Carroll Baker, star of Giant, Baby Doll, How the West Was One, and Harlow.
10:30 AM “Magic Lantern” Sally Phillips interviews film historian, educator, and author of over 15 film and theater books, Foster Hirsch.
2 PM “Alt Classical Wednesday” Music for a Summer Day.
THU  | July 25
11 AM “Let’s Talk” The Insect Apocalypse.
6:30 PM “Bakersfield and Beyond” Yup, this week we plan to interview Peter Coyote about the upcoming Ken Burns series on Country Music.
FRI  |  July 26
12 AM “Under the Needle” English electronic music duo Maribou State.
4 PM “The French Touch” French pop music with Emmanuel talking with Jazz pianist and singer Sarah McKenzie in Paris.
SAT  |  July 27
7 AM “Morning Glory” Anneke van der Veen starts off your Saturday perfectly.
4 PM “Putumayo World Music,” & “Global Village” World music on Saturday, every week!
SUN  |  July 28
9 AM “Specials” “All the Stops: Slovenia & Croatia”, Part 3. Pipe organs—old relics or museum pieces? Every pipe organ has a story….
4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg” It’s June 1964 in London; first records from The Seekers and David Bowie!
6 PM “The Brian Turner Show” NEW! A many-faced slab of curious audio, prog/psych greasiness, good pop, amped up jazz, DIY-ambience, deep folk, highbrow composers and nobrow guitar players, lost postpunk, uncategorizable.
MON  |  July 29
12 PM “The Farmer’s Overalls” NEW!! Soil Health will be discussed with guests Aaron Wilder, Johnny Campbell, and Vince Trotter.
6:30 PM “Solid Sender”
NEW! Amanda will host the Reverend Freakchild, and play songs for you!


TUE |  July 30
11 AM “Questing: Where is the Path” Psychedelic-assisted therapy: curious? Steve Heilig, MPH, brings us up to date.
10 PM “After Dark” Classic, progressive, glam, metal, grunge, punk alternative… call it what you want. We still call it rock.
WED |  July 31
8 AM “Swimming Upstream”
Library updates, local info and Indivisible West Marin update.
9 AM “Trash to Treasure” Get the latest on “zero waste” with Madeline Hope.
2 PM “Alt Classical Wednesday” Espana.