Deep Tracks, We Got Em!

When Jaime Crespo worked here and did the Program Logs for the on-air studio, every week he would come up with a new nickname for Tony Palmer (host of Sonic Sunspots). One of my favorite was Tony “Deep Tracks” Palmer, primarily because it was spot on!

And Tony isn’t the only KWMR host who digs deep to bring you exciting musical selections. There is a lot of great music on KWMR. If you have a favorite program, we hope that you have reached out to the host to let them know that you love it. You can always call the studio when the music is playing to give a shout out. Another way is to Tip This Show! We will let the host know that you supported KWMR on their behalf.

KWMR features great music every weekday at 2pm, and then again starting at 6:30 PM, except on Friday where the music flows starting at 2pm, and just keeps on going! On the weekends there is morning music, and then mid-day and into the evenings. So many fun programs to listen to! If you are a rock-n-roller we have you covered in so may ways. Like classical? We’ve got it! Are you a groovy jazz lover? Bada bing bada boom. Blues? Best in the state! R&B, reggae, or world music? Yep. Vintage tunes of all ilks? You bet! Folk and bluegrass? Check! Eclectic mixes with spoken word thrown in? Affirmative! Honky tonk, and classic country? Maybe some of the best around. Lounge and the occasional show tune?  Indeed!

I will admit that it was the music shows that hooked me and made me fall madly in love with KWMR. I dig my own music collection, but there is something about a real live person on the radio picking out the next tune that really does it for me!

The new KWMR App makes it easier than ever to access to those archives. It’s easy to download, and works great!

What are your favorite shows? Let me know!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Don’t forget to download that brand new KWMR App!

p.p.s. Yes, it’s a Jaime Crespo original coffee cup design that you see photo bombing the schedule!