Can You Dig It?

May 21, 2019

From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt…

Unlike my dog Waylon, I am not a fan of digging. After an early spring rich with KWMR events, my messy desk is even messier, and I’m surrounded by boxes of event materials, pledge premiums, and things that need to be returned to the storage. What I need is a good ol’ spring cleaning! In fact, I’m going to put that on my “to do” list.

It is very likely to get done if it makes it onto my “to do” list. It may not get done right away, but it is highly likely to get done. My husband asked me yesterday if I use an app for to do lists. Nope. Just a big yellow pad of paper, preferably narrow ruled. Before my dad passed away, I was not picky about the media on which my to do lists lived. The back of an envelope (still my favorite for shopping lists), white paper, graph paper, scrap paper….. My dad left behind boxes of yellow pads, some partially used, along with an inordinate amount of binder clips. Perhaps it was sentimentality that got me hooked, but I’m definitely hooked.

I make the list, usually it takes up the left side of the paper, then it grows, other notes join the list and I occasionally start another list on the right side of the paper. Once many things are crossed off, it’s time to start a new one, and the old one goes into a drawer for reference if I missed moving a note over. I add things up, but I rarely doodle on these lists. They are purely to keep track of stuff.

Another thing on my to do list was to get my driver license renewed. If you have not already been schooled on the new Real ID card scheme, you may want to. Since I have a valid passport, I technically don’t need a REal ID to board domestic flights, but it’s just easier if you don’t need to schlep that passport around to fly to Boise or somewhere within the USA. Today is the day. In fact this newsletter will be “in the can” to send before I head off to my scheduled appointment with all my important documents in tow. Wish me luck.

I clearly did not factor in that I would have to get my DL redone while my hair is platinum. But I look very little like my current DL photo, so there you go!

4:49 PM: Update. Well, I thought I was soooo prepared. Nope. P.O. Box holders beware. You must show two documents with proof of your physical address. Apparently my birth certificate, passport, title to a vehicle with my name on it, and mortgage payment showing both P.O. Box AND physical address would seal the deal. Nope. I must return in the future with a utility bill (not in my name) along with my marriage certificate) with utility bill holders name (my husband) on it. I got my regular DL renewed, and because I had made an appointment, I had to take the written test. I’ll return, when my hair has grown out, for my Real ID. Until then, I remain fake… and I passed the damned test.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Don’t forget to download that brand new KWMR App!

p.p.s. Get your tickets to this weekend’s “Benefit of Love” (see below). I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some good laughs, and some good funk, for a good cause.