To the Rescue!


From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt…

It should come as no surprise to you that KWMR has super heroes. I mean, the programmers are cool enough, but ratcheting it up a notch, to have real live superheroes, now that is cool!

But you don’t know how cool it is when I showed up to KWMR soon after the power outage last Tuesday and ended up holding down the fort until 10pm. I really needed something to eat, and I didn’t know how long I would be here. Anneke van der Veen to the rescue! She always arrives when we might need some help, sometimes we do (like during the floods), other times we don’t, but it’s sure good of her to check. But off she went, returning with not one, but two sandwiches in case there were other hungry folks – and there were. And not only that, but she returned the next morning with homemade banana bread! Get that woman a cape!

Or maybe it was just getting to be 10pm and we learned from PGE that the power would be off for at least another 15 hours before the predicted restore time, and I look up to see John Roche standing in the doorway. He helped me secure the generator, and brought me up to date on what he knew from being out in the field. Is he psychic?

Or perhaps it was when I pulled up in front of KWMR with Ken to set up the generator on Wednesday morning in the dark and we had the headlights shining on the generator area, and all of the sudden another vehicle pulled up, lights shining on the generator, and out jumped Bill Steele, ready and willing to assist with getting the station up and running. Ken headed on his merry way, and we were good to go! How about that for excellent timing!

And it was nice of Lynn Axelrod to stop in Tuesday evening. She was doing her Point Reyes Disaster Council thing, making sure that folks were communicating, and anyone who needed electricity was able to get to a place where they could plug in. And Richard James swung by to update me on the PGE situation and see if I needed any help. Good folks doing what good folks do.

Of course Richard Dillman was on the ready at Inverness Ridge Base, answering my questions and helping me devise a plan for the evening. Lyons Filmer was ready to head back if another shift was necessary at the station. We take this stuff pretty seriously, and hope that you appreciate the many hands on deck at KWMR.

We also heard from a few folks who were left in the lurch with no Internet, spotty cell service, and no way to hear KWMR. Doh! Get yourself a battery powered, or better yet a hand cranked radio (pledge drive is coming right up!) for emergencies. Maybe get two. One for your “go bag” and one for your home. Also, don’t forget that your vehicle is likely the biggest radio you have!

I sent out a mess of bumper stickers this week, and you can either swing by KWMR to pick one up (donations are voluntary), but we really want these “on the streets” meaning, on your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, etc. Spread the good word. Let me know if you want one.

The new (old style) bumper stickers are here!! Whoooeee. If you would like one, and are willing to put it on your car, email Amanda HERE, include your mailing address and we will get one mailed off to you ASAP!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

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