Crunchy Data is the Best!

From the messy desk of Amanda Eichstaedt….

I’m a crunchy peanut butter kind of a gal. I don’t hate creamy, and I’ll run with it, but give me some texture! Speaking of texture, we got 68 responses to the “survey” aka “test.” So that you can see we are “thrifty,” er, or maybe just cheap, we use a survey that is almost free, and we use it internally for programmer tests. Thanks for bearing with it!

The “every week” Round Up folks took the lead with 31 requesting we keep the current schedule. It’s not really a burden, and it keeps us in a consistent rhythm of doing things, so you can expect the Round Up weekly at 5pm on Tuesdays.

Out of the responses here are some take aways. There are 2800 people signed up for the Round Up and roughly 560 are opened each week (I know some of you read it without opening it, so be it). A response rate of 12.15% of those who open the round up is decent. A whopping 82% of respondents like my pithy article from my less than clean desk. Thanks for the props!

You all get your information from a variety of sources – as would be expected, KWMR being one of them. Thank you for tuning in, and we value our information partners in the community, including those valuable walks through town where many of us gather information from our friends and neighbors.

Your comments held some good information. First off, we can’t please everyone, and thankfully there is a plethora of media out there to enjoy. God forbid you got trapped on a desert island with only KWMR! Some of the feedback about how to better highlight a variety of programs is great! We solicit highlights from our programmers, and many just don’t submit them, and therefore we have really no idea of what they are doing until after the fact! With over 90 volunteer programmers, we’ll do some reminding for folks to submit highlights.

I particularly like the comments about better highlighting what is locally produced! We are very proud of this content. If we had enough folks to fill all the hours of the day, we would gladly do it (although that sounds downright daunting). There were some other comments about finding archives. This should be relatively simple, granted the archives are operational (which they are most of the time). You just need to know the name of the show you are looking for. Find it in the drop down menu, and voila!

And for those of you who prefer talk over music, or vice-versa, I hear you. I don’t think that KWMR going to an all-talk, or all-music format is going to happen without a huge overhaul of both programming and volunteers. Our volunteers are awesome, dedicated, talented people who bring to the airwaves what they are passionate about. KWMR is always open to hearing ideas for new programs from folks willing to produce local content. Let us know if you are interested!

Thank you to those of you who responded. We will dig deeper into the answers and share them internally with our programming team, and the Programming Committee. Your feedback is always welcome, and we would love to hear it! Also, if you had a million dollars to contribute to the cause, that would make some of what folks are looking for easier to manifest. Just saying…

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. We hope you can join us at Sweethearts of the Radio!