Do Tell

Sometimes in radio you wonder if anyone is listening. We have statistics on how many people are streaming, and how many folks access the website and archives, but on FM – who knows? We do have some data as to how many folks open the Round Up Newsletter, but that doesn’t mean they read it, might just look at the pictures, who knows? So instead of relying merely on data that we can get our hands on, we are coming to you, dear readers. There is a big blue Survey Link below. We hope that this better informs us to bring you what you want!

So tell us what you like, and be specific. We have made changes to this newsletter over the years, and are willing to continue to make improvements. We are using a “very affordable” survey tool, so don’t mind the Student ID part, just put in your name, or whatever moniker you want to use.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director