It Really Is A Wonderful Life!

I’m going to consider it a minor success that I was not only asked to participate in the production of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” but that we have the staff at KWMR to support the event to allow me to do so. My part is tiny, but it is an honor to sit in on the rehearsals with such talented folks. Molly Noble is a skilled and intuitive director, and her ability to engage the cast is really fun to experience. Since this is the fourth, and final performance, it’s great to see the seasoned actors who have played the parts previously, dig deeper to better understand the many facets of each character (and some actors portray multiple characters throughout the radio play). The kids involved are attentive and clearly not strangers to a read-through, as well as taking directorial direction.

The fact that this radio play has been gaining traction over the past four years and is now solidly a fundraiser for the station makes me very happy. Sharron Drake, who produces the play, as well as Inverness Shakespeare, has the ability to keep multiple plates spinning, while simultaneously doing metaphorical cartwheels. Hats off to her – she also serves on the KWMR Board of Directors, and is the mother of Everette, who is participating in the play. Matt Gallagher who is Sharron’s husband and father of Everette, and a long-time programmer at KWMR, is also participating again.

It’s a a family affair. Giovanni di Morenti, and his talented daughter Clementine are involved with Giovanni providing the musical accompaniment. The lovely and talented Katie Jay and her husband Steven Horvat, along with their son Luke are also participating. Jennifer McGeorge is back, as is the talented Geoff Hoyle. New to the performance, but quick to jump in with both feet is David Abrams. Many of these actors are members of the Performers’ Unions: Actors’ Equity Association, American Guild of Musical Artists, American Guild of Variety Artists, SAG-AFTRA (see below). It’s the real deal folks!

We hope that you will join is for this seasonal and relevant tale by Joe Landry. If the performance is not enough to hook you, perhaps the delicious offerings of food and drink will get you motivated. The talented Janice Clements is catering the event and there are both warm and cold, spiked (and un) beverages, as well as a great assortment of sweet and savory treats. The time is reasonable for a school night: doors at 4:30pm and show at 5pm. Remember to dress warmly, and feel free to get into the period sprit with your holiday attire.

Decor for the event is provided by the atmosphere at Toby’s Feed Barn with special touches by KWMR Programmer and Board Member Creta Pullen. Remember, it is a barn, so bundle up and be ready for a swift performance filled with humor, heart touching moments, and engaging sound effects. And while this is a “Radio Play” it will not be broadcast for various legal reasons, so if you want to experience, you just have to show up! Tickets are selling fast, get yours while they are available and take advantage of the pre-sale discount!

Stephen Horvat*, Katie Jay*, Geoff Hoyle*, Matt Gallagher, Jennifer McGeorge, David Abrams*, Amanda Eichstaedt, and Sharron Drake* on Sound Effects. Music by Giovanni di Morente. Kids! Desmond Fox, Paloma Cordrey, Everett Gallgher, Clementine Di Morente, and Luke Horvat. (*Member, Actors’ Equity Association)

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Performances for the Family Music Hour are both Saturday the 15th at 7pm AND Sunday the 16th at 4pm. You will find me there on Sunday. A fun filled weekend of AMAZING talent in West Marin! You could probably catch both the play and the Family Music Hour if you booked over to The Valley after. Performer Alexander McQuilkin is on KWMR’s Community Advisory Board.