Things People Say on the Radio

Program Director (PD) Lyons Filmer is great at coaching those of us who take to the airwaves. I know that if you have listened to KWMR you have heard some lip smacking, some sneezing, maybe even a burp. There are occasional “open mics” – the WORST. That is when I host inadvertently leaves their microphone on when they really should have turned it off. Sometimes people are talking but can’t be heard because the opposite has happened. Mic not turned on at all.

Even with Lyons’ coaching, things happen.

However, some things are not errors, but are stylistically preferred by some, and not others. Saying, “And we are back!” is one of those things. We did not publish a Round Up newsletter last week and do hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. And how about that rain! Yeah! More in the forecast this week may bring us up to 100% of normal – whatever that means in these strange times. So we really are back.

The reason “And we are back,” is not always a desired thing to say on the air is that nobody has really gone anywhere. The hosts are still in the studio, the listener is still on the other end (hopefully), it may mean that a song, or set of songs has completed. It does feel like one is returning to a place where folks meet up – the host(s) engaging over the airwaves with the listener.

I had the good fortune to get out of dodge with my husband and puppy (yes, Waylon hit the road, too). And we have returned. The Round Up is coming at you again this week. In fact, today is Giving Tuesday. A time when nonprofits seek additional support for the good work that they do.

KWMR never went anywhere. You can tune in from near and far, any time you want! You can access the archives to revisit your favorite shows, or something that you might have missed. We are here for you.

At any rate, do consider supporting KWMR this fine Tuesday.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Check out the upcoming holiday play (below). Final production of It’s a Wonderful Life! Going to be so great. Not live on the air. Live at Toby’s! Tickets HERE.