Interior States, Tech Neck, and Sunken Ships

TUE  |  Nov 6
10 AM “Turning Pages: Special” Wendy McLaughlin interviews author Meghan O’Gieblyn about her new book, Interior States.
4 PM “Youth DJ” New group of radio youth from the San Geronimo Valley!

Wed  |  Nov 7
8 AM “Swimming Upstream”
Tech neck, it’s a real thing. Don’t let it happen to you! Tune in to learn more.
11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” La Policía y la Seguridad en Nuestra Comunidad / Police and Safety in our Community.
6:30 PM “Running with Scissors” Random sweet vinyl picks.
THU  |  Nov 8 
8 AM “Pieces of Peace” IL Kim, with Marin’s Korean Language School, Marnie Jackson with Black Mountain Beauty.
9:30 AM “Right Now” Maritime Radio Historical Society and the mysterious sunken ship USAT Cynthia Olson.
6:30 PM “Shorty’s Bunkhouse” Settle in for an evening of favorite folks, and bluegrass tunes.
FRI  |  Nov 9
9 AM “Nonviolence Radio” Get the latest news from the leaders of the Metta Center for Nonviolence.
12 PM “Alternative Radio” Edward Said – U.S. Interventions in the Middle East.
2 PM “Classical Friday” Host Paul Smith takes to the airwaves with classical music to end your week.
SAT  |  Nov 10
8 AM “Morning Glory” Classical tunes with Anneke van der Veen.
2 PM “Hawaii Calling” Relax on the lanai with Susanna Henderson and her Hawaiian tunes.
8 PM “The Jazz Groove” Enjoy some jazz with host Marc Matheson.
SUN  |  Nov 11
2 PM – 10 PM “Kitchen Sink,” “To Hell & Bach,” “Between Rock and a Jazz Place,” and “Rock of Ages” Great selection of tunes!
10 PM “LA Theatre Works” The Waldorf Conference by Nat Segaloff, Daniel M. Kimmel and Arnie Reisman, starring Edward Asner, Charles Durning and Bill Macy.
MON  |  Nov 12
8 AM “Cuppa Jo”
 Join Dr. Joe for some good news!
6:30 PM “Foggy Ridge Music” Enjoy an evening of music with host Will Minor.
TUE  |  Nov 13
10 PM “70s After Dark” Dr. Decibel has your healing prescription form the 1970’s musical medicine cabinet!
4 PM “Women in Rock” The Cosmic Kid brings you tunes by women musicians.
Wed  |  Nov 14
8 AM “Swimming Upstream”
Library updates, and want to be a fire lookout?
9 AM “Off Leash” Gobble gobble. The skinny on turkeys.