Spooky, French and Pledgy!

Coming Up This Week
TUE  |  Oct 23 (Second Day of Pledge)
4 PM “Youth DJ Project” 
The Cosmic Kid brings us Women in Rock.
5 PM “Epicenter” Herb Kutchins in conversation with Dan Monte.
10 PM “70s After Dark” Tune in for a special Halloween artist spotlight on Danny Elfman and Oingo Boingo!

Wed  |  Oct 24 (Day 3!)
9:30 AM “Fish Tales”
 Dave Cook has it all; info, trivia, tunes and the love.
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” A Musical Potpourri for Pledge Week.
THU  |  Oct 25 (Day 4)
9 AM “Right Now” 
Something spooky is in store this morning….
2 PM “Classical Thursday” Featuring Hilary Hahn, Lang Lang, Heifetz, Lipatti, Rachmaninoff, & Tsujii.
FRI  |  Oct  26 (Day 5)
10 AM “Turning Pages: Reader’s Delight” “A Son at the Front”: Book 4 opens as WWI continues bringing pain & loss to so many.
12 PM “Alternative Radio” Haley Pessin – The Radical Legacy of Fannie Lou Hamer.
2 PM “Classical Friday” Please call in to support this station bringing you The French Connection Classical Friday.
4 PM “The French Touch” Emmanuel counts on you to support this station to bring you French Pop – Please call in.
SAT  |  Oct 27 (Day 6)
7 AM “Morning Glory” Morning music with Anneke!
2 PM “Hawaii Calling” Relax on the lanai with Susanna Henderson.
6 PM “Celtic Universe” They are all in the house tonight! Lyons, Loretta, and Ken!
SUN  |  Oct 28 (Day 7)
6 PM “Between Rock and a Jazz Place” Teja Gerken, local guitarist and founder of Peghead Nation will join Grey live in studio.
8 PM “Rock of Ages” Deep tracks from the sixties, followed by singer-songwriter Dave Hamilton.
MON  |  Oct 29 (Day 8)
8 AM “Cuppa Joe” & “Heart of the Valley” Double dose of Monday morning programming!
4:30 PM “Youth DJ: The Wave” Brian Delahunty in studio!
6:30 PM “Foggy Ridge Music” Get your bluegrass and folk fix with Will Minor.
TUE  |  Oct 30 (Day 9)
8 AM “Rise and Shine” Swim to the buoey with Amber and Mary!
6:30 PM “Musical Variete” Never miss a Charlie Morgan pledge show!
10 PM “70s After Dark” Tune in for Dr. Decibel’s 1970’s Halloween Spooktacular Extravaganza!
Wed  |  Oct 31 (Last Day of Pledge!)
8 AM “Swimming Upstream”
 Dewey Livingston brings the history!
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” A Classical Conclusion to the Pledge Drive.
5 PM “Halloween Special” Host Gus Conde brings “trick or treaters” onto the airwaves until 7PM!