When you realize that you are “that person.”

I realized recently that I don’t self identify as much of anything. I observe for the most part. I don’t really fly any flags that signify my tribe. Minimal bumper stickers, no vanity plates. No tattoos.

I’m not a soccer mom, since I don’t have kids. Not a cat lady because I’m allergic (although I think cats are just fine). Not hugely behind any sports teams. Never even declared a major as an undergraduate (thank you, UNM).

There is no one genre of music or literature that I hang my hat on. I don’t make any significant fashion statement, nor do I feel that I’m goth, hipster, retro or cool, but I do love dogs.

Up until recently our dogs pretty much stayed at home. Never was organized enough to submit photos to the Point Reyes Light pet edition, and didn’t frequent any areas where people flock with their dogs. In fact, I don’t think that people even knew we had dogs, unless they came over.

Until Waylon. On May 14 we lost our pup Skye dog to a heinous and unfair cancer at age 11. Our other dog is almost 13 and I had been contemplating the next generation of canines for a while. I had even been in touch with a breeder in Hollister, but when Skye took ill, I shelved the idea. After she died, I got our names back on the puppy list. Long story short, Waylon picked us and we now have a 4 month old puppy living with us, coming to KWMR to work regularly and absorbing all my available moments.

Yep, I’m that dog lady. Doting on a little creature, making sure he is getting socialized, meeting other dogs and people, taking puppy classes and going on walks. I take lots of photos of him, can sit and watch him for hours and am thoroughly smitten. It helps that he’s a pretty cool dog. He’s even forming a decent, if not loud, relationship with our 13 year old dog, Tula.

I’m glad that my KWMR coworkers are fond of the little dude. He is becoming a good little radio dog. No dogs allowed in the upstairs office and studio (since the new carpets), but it’s nice to have a little mascot to hang with in the annex.

I write this as I wait to see what becomes of the two corn cobs he ate that he found in the yard this morning. No doubt, brought over from the campground by critters in the night. (update: It was not pretty.)

And if you see us out walking, I’ll be the “dog lady” waving at you with the colorful poop bag in her hand.

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

p.s. One more weekend of Shakespeare in Inverness – September 1, 2 & 3! The Taming of the Shrew!

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