Classical on the Prairie, Immigration, Aretha Franklin

Our program highlights for the next week, starting on:

WED  |  Aug 15
8 AM    “Swimming Upstream”  Swim with us! Libraries, Talking about Race, Trash to Treasure, and Fish Tales!
11 AM    “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad”  Comienza el Año Escolar con Salud y Bienestar / Back to School Healthy and Well
2 PM    “Classical Wednesday”  The City:  Symphonic visits to San Francisco, Seattle and Dallas
5 PM    “Epicenter”  Lucia Martel-Dow, Director of Immigration Legal Services, Canal Alliance
8:30 PM    “Coast Highway Blues”  Sally Phillips guest hosts, playing some tracks by the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin

THU  |  Aug 16

9 AM    “Art Scenes”  Sharron Drake, Inverness Shakespeare gives update on Taming of the Shrew
8 AM    “Pieces of Peace”  Joyce Johnson of Rock Steady Boxing for people with Parkinson’s….and Pedorthist Sculla Conrad

FRI  |  Aug 17

Noon   “Alternative Radio”  Extraction Industries and Sexploitation
4 PM    “The French Touch”  Le Hit Parade 1976 and 1977  – top of the chart in France

SAT  |  Aug 18

7 PM    “Celtic Universe”  Get your clogs out!

SUN  |  Aug 19
6 PM    “Between Rock and a Jazz Place”  Grey will interview producer Michael Nash about upcoming Mt Tamalpais Sound Summit event
8 PM    “Rock of Ages”  Deep tracks from the sixties, followed by singer-songwriter Shadi Moussa

MON  |  Aug 20
6:24 PM    “National Native News”  Coverage of Native American and Indigenous communities, from the CBC
TUE  |  Aug 21

6 AM   NEW CLASSICAL SHOW: “Early Music Now with Sara Schneider”
Midnight   “Stuck in the Psychedelic Era”  Trip out from Midnight ’till 2

WED  |  Aug 22
11 AM  
 “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad”  Sanemos Nuestras Relaciones / Healing our Relationships
2 PM    “Classical Wednesday”  The Prairie: The Vision Lukas Foss, Leo Sowerby and Carl Sandburg