WWI, Buffalos, and Big Rock Candy Mountain

Our program highlights for the next week, starting on:

THU  |  Aug 2

9 AM    “Arts Scenes”  Drs. Raymond & Nancy Lutz discuss their Patronage with the Santa Fe Opera
9:30 AM   “Right Now” What is a healthy relationship? What is not?

FRI  |  Aug 3
10 AM    “Turning Pages: Reader’s Delight” Edith Wharton’s “A Son at the Front”, an intimate story of WWI from behind the lines
Noon    “Alternative Radio” Michael Parenti on Democracy
1 PM    “Nonviolence Radio” What are the qualities of NONVIOLENT leadership? Find out on this week’s show
4 PM    “The French Touch” The 1970 French top songs, including Michel Delpech, Joe Dassin & Barbara
7 PM    “Bring It On Home” Grey Shepard covers for Neil, playing blues songs about different kind of blues

SAT  |  Aug 4
7 AM    “Morning Glory” Classical music at the crack of day
9 AM   “Special” Native Seed Pod Episode 2: Dr. Larry Little Bear “The Re-emergence of the Buffalo”

SUN  |  Aug 5
8 PM    “Rock of Ages” Deep tracks from the sixties, followed by singer-songwriter Jason Greenwald

MON  |  Aug 6
11 AM    “Ocean Currents” Dr. Craig Downs on sunscreen’s harmful effects, Dr. Karina Nielsen on Beaches 101
5 PM   “Epicenter” West Marin’s Lieutenant Jim Hickey talks upcoming community event “National Night Out”

TUE  |  Aug 7
5:30 PM  “As It Happens” News and puns from the North

WED  |  Aug 8
11 AM  “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” Nutrición de 0 a 100 / Nutrition 0-100
2 PM    “Classical Wednesday” An American Road Trip: including a stop at the Big Rock Candy Mountain