AIDS Support, Art Pop-Ups, and Trance Continental

Our program highlights for the next week, starting on:

 TUE  |  Jul 3

10 PM “After Dark” Dr. Decibel’s spectacular 4th of July Independence extravaganza!

WED  |  Jul 4

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Special 4th of July show! Local voices: poetry and more.
11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” Our Spanish language program covers Apoyo de Amigos y Aliados / Support from Friends and Allies.

THU  |  Jul 5

8 AM “Pieces of Peace” Molly McCarty and Jamie Potter: participants in the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride and activist Peter Brooks.
9 AM “Art Scenes” Laughty Nixdorf: talking about the Art Pop-ups throughout the Summer on Saturdays in PRS.
9:30 AM “Right Now” Jennifer Malone of The Spahr Center talks the AIDS Walk and resources for LGBTQ youth.
2 PM “Classical Thursday” Music for the Peace of Utrecht, 1713.

FRI  |  Jul 6

12 PM “Alternative Radio” Howard Zinn – A People’s History of the United States Part 1.

SAT  |  Jul 7

7 AM “Morning Glory” Classical to start the weekend.
11 AM “Nonviolence Radio” Special rebroadcast of The Paradox of Repression. Vida with Saga is on sabbatical.

SUN  |  Jul 8

6 PM “Between Rock and a Jazz Place” On your mark: it’s a set of songs about running.
8 PM “Rock of Ages” Deep tracks from the sixties, followed by singer-songwriter Vega Victoria.

MON  |  Jul 9

5 PM “Epicenter” Guidance for employers navigating potential ICE visits.

TUE  |  Jul 10

2 PM SPECIAL “Trance Continental” World & electronic music with DJ Kirisame.

WED  |  Jul 11

11 AM “Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad” Our Spanish language show covers Inteligencia Emocional / Emotional Intelligence.
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” The Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna, 1683, and the impact on our western musical heritage.