Pretty da(n)g-gie fun

There we were, standing on the lawn, green grass as far as the eye could see, blending with all of the other green tones one can see in the San Geronimo Valley. And they started to arrive. Jauntily clad golfers, in one, twos, threes and fours. Golf bags hoisted, sun block slathered, there to gather their mulligans, lunches, raffle tickets and water for the long day ahead.

At 1pm sharp, they were off! 74 smiling men and women, headed out for a day of camaraderie and lucky shots. Nobody scored the “hole in one,” once again. I swear, we are in the wrong business. KWMR should start a little insurance company to stay flush!

The first question that was asked when all were assembled in the clubhouse, “daggaritas” and beers in hand, and a plateful of Indian Peach catered appetizers, was, “Raise your hand if you had fun!” Immediately, a forest of arms shot into the air. Awesome.

New management at the course commented about how much fun our tournament is. I have heard  this before, but having no reference point, I just thought they were being nice. The pro in charge for the day stated, “You are so chilled out about the whole thing.” Geesh, what is the alternative, lose sleep and be stressed out about a bunch of really nice people who want to support KWMR, spending the day playing a game outside? Nope.

Plus, we have the BEST team of volunteers and staff working on this event. They know who they are! But without Mia Johnson, Connie and Dan Morse and Barbara, we would be sunk. And special thanks to Doug for showing up, and helping all day! The 8th Annual Daggie (named for Dan and Aggie) Golf Tournament was a success. We hope to be back next year for #9.

Congratulations to Larry Baskin for his team’s 2nd place finish, and to the tying winning teams – Nick’s Cove and Holy Moses! There were some long drives, and some balls closer to the pin than others. Team Dog Leg (Neil Dickman, Shane Wright, Creta Pullen and Sirima Sataman) won “Best Dressed Team!” Sally Jones won Best Dressed Woman and Walter Slater Murch won Best Dressed Man. Youngest and Oldest Golfer (from the same team) won again this year. Avi Spanier (youngest) and Al Ingram (oldest at 95!!!). Moses Gittens (of team Holy Moses) won for the nicest golfer!

Neil Dickman, Shane Wright, Walter Slater Murch, Creta Pullen and Sirima Staman – Stinson and Bolinas REPRESENT! Credit: Mia Johnson

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager/Executive Director

p.s. One Heart, One Community, fundraiser for Sacred Heart Parish was lovely. The music from Los  Cenzontles and Angel was amazing, the food delicious and the vibe – most excellent. Well done!

p.p.s. This Sunday is the Family Music Hour XV. At the San Geronimo Valley Community Center. BBQ from Good Earth at 4:30pm and the music starts at 6pm. If you get a chance, check it out! So much fun! So much talent!


Top photo: Terry Aleshire and Walter Slater Murch showing off their stylish togs! Credit: Mia Johnson