It seems so clear now

I don’t know about you, but my hindsight is better than 20/20. It seems that even with the best laid plans, notes from previous years, and a stellar crew here at KWMR, that we always realize something that, in retrospect, could have been done differently. More notes… hoping that in the future our insight will improve what we do. And remembering to look at those notes!

Then there is the unintended, better-than-expected outcome. I’m recalling when we replaced the carpet, we had a plan, and we were able, as a team to change course and make for a better outcome with the layout of the main office space. Flexibility!

Advance planning, along with flexibility is critical. We learned that exhaustive planning surely helped with our recent console installation this past winter, but even with that there were a few things that we did not anticipate.

The planning, and testing for our recent broadcast of the Western Weekend parade paid off. Our technology did not fail us, and we had the right folks on the task. We adapted when we had to make a few changes last minute, and all went well. Planning and flexibility.

We are ready for the 8th Annual Daggie golf tournament and appreciate the flexibility of our golfers and volunteers. We changed the date, and the location to bring the tournament back to the San Geronimo Valley (based on feedback from our golfers).

Yesterday, we picked up our new puppy. Sally Phillips accompanied me on a mini-road trip to fetch him. He’s cute. It’s been a long time since Ken and I had a puppy, and even my hindsight is a bit foggy. Trying to recall over ten years ago, when we were raising up or older dogs, it’s all a bit blurry. Probably for the best, as we start on this new adventure with our buddy Waylon.

Now that you muddled through my musings, and seen a photo of a cute baby animal, I will urge you to revisit the new Emergency Information page on the site. We are heading into the summer and with all the winds, and the lack of rain, California is already experiencing wildland fires.

Get yourself prepared. Engage with the local disaster council. Plan well, be flexible and make sure your hindsight will seem as clear as possible in the event of a local disaster.

I’m ready. Are you? Not it’s time to go and snuggle with this puppy!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Head Steward of YOUR radio station.

p.s. KWMR is a media sponsor for One Heart One Marin on Sunday, June 17 (Fathers Day) at Sacred Heart in Olema. Food, fun and music by Los Cenzontles!