OG Siri, Nonviolent Hope, and Winona LaDuke

Our program highlights for the next week, starting on:

 WED  |  Jun 6

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Library events. Art inspired by musicians. Trash to Treasure and then Fish Tales!
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” Eroica in context.

THU  |  Jun 7

9:30 AM “Right Now” Susan Bennett, the original voice of iPhone’s “Siri,” talks about her voiceover career.
10 AM “Radio Bookmobile” Lively lit crit.

FRI  |  Jun 8

1 PM “Nonviolence Radio” Tired of Fake News? Tune into our segment of Nonviolence News for a healthy dose of hope.

SAT  |  Jun 9

7 AM “Morning Glory” Top of the morning with classical music.
9 AM SPECIAL For the Wild: Winona LaDuke.

SUN  |  Jun 10

9 AM “Sunday Celebration” The bells are ringing on Sunday Celebration.

MON  |  Jun 11

11:30 AM “The Bioneers” Changing the perspective on humans and nature.
8:30 PM
“Sessions from Chicken Point” New tracks and good vibes with Steve S.

TUE  |  Jun 12

5 PM “Epicenter” Make way for the Point Reyes Farmer’s Market summer season!

WED  |  Jun 13

2 PM “Classical Wednesday” Old Tears Renewed: Halcyon Times in Caroline England.