Really, there have been 7 already?

If anyone had told me that I would at some point in my life be administering a golf tournament, I would have argued that they were dead wrong. Why? No really good reason. Raised by non-golf types, never had the money or affinity for the sport when I was younger, the list goes on.

Fast forward to now. The 8th Annual Daggie (named for Dan Morse and Aggie Murch) golf tournament is fast approaching. Friday, June 15th is the date, and we hit the green at 1pm sharp (check-in is at noon). KWMR does many events, and this one is one of the most fun. The people are great, our volunteers are amazing…and the golf course does a lot of the work. A huge thank you to Dan and Connie Morse for their on-the ground support!

When the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course closed at the end of last year, we were preparing to move the tournament to Indian Valley Golf Club. The folks at Indian Valley were great to work with. By popular demand from our loyal golfers, we decided to move the tournament back to the San Geronimo Valley. We are excited to work with the new crew that are running the course. A few tournaments have been played already this spring, and they looked great, from what I saw!

If you are, know of, or aspire to be a golfer, now is your chance! Register ASAP! A fun way to support KWMR. We do need a few more volunteers on the day-of, so email me to let me know if you can help. $10,000 Hole in One prize! So cool!

Thank you, as always for listening, reading and caring!

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Executive Director and Station Manager

p.s. KWMR is a media sponsor for Parachute Days, which is happening this coming Saturday, June 2 at Love Field in Point Reyes Station. Great line up! Swing by the KWMR booth when you are there and say, “hi!”