How can we assist?

KWMR is often seeking volunteers – (and getting them – thank you!) we are also pretty much always raising funds to support what we do. KWMR has a lot to offer you, as listeners, organizations, and businesses. And we want to help!

Here are some things for you! (stuff in “blue” is a live link)

Please don’t be shy if you think that KWMR could add value to what you are doing in any way. Reach out and let us know. You can always email me amanda@kwmr.orgto discuss.

Thank you, as always for listening, reading and caring!

Amanda Eichstaedt
KWMR Executive Director and Station Manager

p.s. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

p.p.s If you pledged for a premium, we have your premium at KWMR. Come and get it! Got questions? Ask by emailing HERE.