Dirt Rich, Mythology, and Michael Ondaatje

Our program highlights for the next week, starting on:

 WED  |  May 16

8:30 AM ” Swimming Upstream” Julie Atwood talks up the 2018 Home and Ranch Summit: The HALTER Project.
9 AM “Off Leash”  Ticks w/ Dr. Anne Kjemtrup, Center for Infectious Disease.
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” The Travels of La Monica: A 16th Century French song migrates through Europe.

THU  |  May 17

11 AM “Let’s Talk” KWMR’s call-in show that talks about it all. Join the conversation at 415-663-8492.

FRI  |  May 18

11 AM “Reveal” Peabody-nominated documentary The View from Room 205.

SAT  |  May 19

11 AM “Off-Center Sports” Expect the unexpected… with Jaime and Steve S.

SUN  |  May 20 

8 PM “Rock of Ages” Deep tracks from the sixties, then singer-songwriters Claudia Russell and Bruce Kaplan.

MON  |  May 21

8 AM “With Eyes Open” Interview w/ Marcy Cravat, director the movie Dirt Rich showing in Marin May 21.
11:30 AM “Bioneers” Breaking the Male Code: The Tyranny of Masculinity.

TUE  |  May 22

10 AM SPECIAL Michael Ondaatje talks his new novel, with Lyons Filmer.
11 AM ” Questing: Where is the Path?” Rev. Carol Luther shares her love for mythology and story.
10 PM “After Dark” Nintendo, Live Aid and the PMRC: Dr. Decibel’s Radio Dial Time Machine stops in 1985!

WED  |  May 23

1 PM “Climate One” Real talk with policymakers and industry bigwigs about dealing with climate change.