Recaps and Updates

It was a lovely evening at the Peace Barn in Bolinas on Saturday as 100 people convened to enjoy an evening of storytelling, a delicious meal, and great conversation. Thanks to the compelling stories from Vivien Straus, Alyssa Tanner, David Strathairn, Mark Buell and Richard Dillman. I loved the spontaneous laughter, collective gasps, and knowing looks, as people identified with the various tales.

Lovely menu designed by Katie Eberle, written by Eugene Ashton Gonzalez.
Photo: Ginny Felch

A big thank you to Matthew Elias and Laine Ayre from The Bodega, and their crew. Wine from Point Reyes VineyardsAbsentee WinerySmith Story Wine Cellars, and Toad Hollow Vineyards. Ingredients donated from Star Route FarmsGospel Flats FarmStraus Family CreameryStemple Creek RanchMycopia, and Homework Farm in Healdsburg.

Flowers were donated from the Sonoma Flower Mart, and were arranged by Amy Whelan, Lyons Filmer and Jennifer McFarland. Many volunteer hours went into making the event a success. It was a joy to work with Susie and Mark Buell’s crew at Oak Mesa, and we thank Muriel and Walter Murch for their generosity.

More Youth!

KWMR has for many years supported programming on KWMR by youth. The Youth DJ Project  has occupied an hour slot on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4-5pm. With the advent of a new radio program, being produced and streamed live via Facebook and Instagram, TAY Radio is live every Friday morning, and then rebroadcast on KWMR on Mondays at 4pm. The Marin IJ did a great article describing the project. Art of the Song is moving to Monday mornings at 6am.

More Listener Feedback!

During the “French Touch” on Friday afternoon, Emmanuel received a message requesting a song….from Spain! She learned of the show in a Facebook group called  “The Nana Mouskouri Fan Club,” which happened to be the focus of Emmanuel’s show that day! Listeners all over the globe!

“Good afternoon Emmanuel,
I am listening to your radio programme, and would like to request a song.
L’Amour en Héritage by Nana Mouskouri.
Thank you very much.
Sunny greetings from Spain”

On “Bring it On Home” later on Friday, host Neil Dickman played a set of songs focused on death and dying. Might sound downbeat, but as Neil states, “many songwriters have done some of their best work on this topic.” He got a call from a listener who stated: “This playlist is perfect. I’m going to download it and put it in my will with the request that these are the songs played as my ashes are spread over the ocean.”

Pretty high praise if you want to listen to a setlist after you are no longer alive!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Directorp.s. KWMR is turning 19 years old on May 2nd, and we will be having a big ol’ birthday party at Lagnitas Brewing Company in Petaluma on MONDAY, May 14. Come party with us and hear the West Marin School Gospel singers AND the Rock Band, opening for Marble PartyGet yer tickets, here!

p.p.s One of the boxes of socks has FINALLY arrived. We expect the rest soon, then we’ll get those premiums out to you all! And the winner of the Editors’ Club is Adam Thomas! Socks for you, Adam!

Stylin’ socks! Hope Katie doesn’t quit her day job and become a foot model!