Sentimental Journey

Cool things happen at KWMR all the time. Every day we hear something amazing, or have a drop in from someone whose life has been touched by radio. Powerful stuff. Recently a letter was dropped off at KWMR. We passed it on to the host, Mr. Jeffry Wilkinson. (names in the letter have been changed, but the rest is just how it was written). Enjoy.

“Hello, Jeffry,

My name is Joan and I live just outside of Baltimore.  My daughter sent me the link to your show.  I love it and enjoy listening to it so much that I had to tell you.  In a way, it’s changed my life!

First of all the music is GREAT, I smile all the way through the show and you often times make me laugh out loud.  I look forward to the archived show each week.

I’m almost 71 years old and I met (my one and only love forever) Phil when I was 19 in 1966.  We were married in 1970 and he passed away in 2012.  He was a music lover and he always had music playing.  Like you, Van Morrison was a favorite of his.  When we met he turned me on to a lot of R&B.  We went to Woodstock together and he always regretted not going to Monterey Pop.  Music was a big part of who he was and our life together.  There are times during your show that, I swear, I can almost feel him grab my wrist to start dancing.  He would have loved Saturday Night Function!

Since his passing I’ve had a hard time listening to music.  It’s so powerful and often times makes me cry….so I pretty much stopped doing that to myself.  Your show has helped me a lot.  Some of what you play from the 50’s, before I met him, takes me back to times I haven’t thought about in so long.  Earth Angel…really?  I still remembered every word.  Sometimes I do get teary eyed with tunes like “Oh, What A Night,” or “Cherry Pie.” And Van Morrison’s, “Bright Side of the Road,” makes me sob…….but I’m able to keep listening.  I think your show is awesome!

I just wanted you to know that I turned a big corner and I’m so grateful to you and your show for that.

All the best,

After Jeffry got this note, he played “Earth Angel” for Joan on his next show….gotta love community radio.

Not feeling sentimental enough yet? Well, here behold KWMR’s newest member. Issay with Erica Hara and her mother stopped by to say hello. Congratulations to Arron Wilder and Erica Hara! Welcome Issay!

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Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. KWMR is turning 19 years old on May 2nd, and we will be having a big ol’ birthday party at Lagnitas Brewing Company in Petaluma on MONDAY, May 14. Come party with us and hear the West Marin School Gospel singers AND the Rock Band, opening for Marble PartyGet yer tickets, here!

p.p.s Next week we draw for the winner of the Editors Club!

Photo Credit: Katie Eberle