You gave us a hand, we give you a hand!

We said that many hands make for light work. It’s true! We thank the over 400 contributions that, starting at $3, chipped away at the $40,000 goal. Since we use the word “pitching” during the pledge drives, I thought it would be nice to put a different spin on it. We thank you for pitching in!

To join with other people in doing a job.

And speaking of “hands” …

It’s generally “all hands on deck,” during pledge. We were grasping for the goal. We finally got a grip on our fundraising, by working together. We applaud the community for caring about public media! High five! And now we will point you in the direction of our next event, Eat My Heart Out, there are only about 25 tickets left. Get em while you can! You don’t want there to be a palm to forehead moment in your future.

Thank you to the many phone volunteers, food donors, contributors, the staff, board and advisors of KWMR. A special thank you to the 90 plus volunteer programmers that bring you the programming that KWMR is so very proud to broadcast!

So excited about the storytellers for Eat My Heart Out Supper Club this year! David Strathairn, Vivien Straus, Mark Buell, Alyssa Tanner and Richard Dillman. Thank you to event producer Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez. Check it out! Next week in the Round Up – learn more about the storytellers, but until then, it’s Pledge Drive!

Link to storyteller biographies! 

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director