Collaboration, and then some!

Noun. coadjuvancy (uncountable) (rare) cooperation; mutual effort.

That is what we are talking about! The Pledge Drive team here at KWMR is awesome!. By team I mean the seven staff members, the 90 volunteer programmers, ten board members and the phone volunteers, and those who donate meals. I think if there was a better way to raise money for non-commercial radio, other than pledge drives, someone would have thought of it by now. Lord knows I have racked my brain on that one.

Bank robbery is out. I would be lousy at it, and would likely get caught. Kidnapping, and holding someone for ransom is not viable for many reasons, including ethics. I don’t go in for gambling or lottery tickets. Can you even purchase lottery tickets in West Marin? Nobody has grown a money tree, and it would likely be GMO laden.

So, for 10 fun-filled days, we pitch and combine our efforts to raise funds for community radio. Thank you very much to the many of you, who have made pledges so far. And a big shout out to the individuals and businesses that contributed funds for challenge grants.

As of print time, we have raised just over $12K. There are 2745 people subscribed to this newsletter. Not everyone reads it, but if they did, and y’all pitched in $11 each, or more… we would meet our $40K goal! So, what are you waiting for? Pledge NOW!You can easily do this by calling 415-663-9050 between 8am and 10pm, or go online to and contribute.

And we have socks! For a pledge of $50, you can be sporting some spiffy and attractive socks and spread the word about KWMR every time you wear them!

So excited about the storytellers for Eat My Heart Out Supper Club this year! David Strathairn, Vivien Straus, Mark Buell, Alyssa Tanner and Richard Dillman. Thank you to event producer Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez. Check it out! Next week in the RoundUp – learn more about the storytellers, but until then, it’s Pledge Drive!

Ok, ok, I’ll use it in a sentence. The coadjuvancy that I experience on a daily basis is preternatural!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Eat My Heart Out Supper Club announcement is LIVE! Also, below if you keep reading the Round Up!