Top Brass, A Reckoning, and Bartok on the Rebound

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

 WED  |  Mar 7

10 AM “Turning Pages: Magic Lantern” Ana Blanco, executive director of the International Ocean Film Festival and West Marin based documentarian, Burrill Crohn.
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” Handel’s first English oratorio “Esther” (rescheduled from last week).

THU  |  Mar 8

10 PM NEW SHOW “By Any Means Radio” DJ Iria Dust makes mesmerizing moves on late night KWMR.

FRI  |  Mar 9

10:30 AM SPECIAL “Turning Pages” Linda Spalding, “A Reckoning” for Civil war era slave-owning family.

SAT  |  Mar 10

12 PM “Forms and Feelings” It’s the top brass… we bring you only the best in jazz.

SUN  |  Mar 11

4 PM “Midnight in Luxembourg” UK March 1963: A Merseyside challenger to the Beatles emerges!

MON  |  Mar 12

6:30 PM “Release Me” Grab some popcorn and listen to new music releases with Amanda.

TUE  |  Mar 13

10:30 AM SPECIAL “Turning Pages” Jean Wason Knapp, Improvisational Stories and Reflections On a Life.

WED  |  Mar 14

2 PM “Classical Wednesday” Bartok on the Rebound, and other tales of unrequited love.