Ch ch changes…..

A quick and handy guide to upcoming changes. Hint: things highlighted in “blue” will take you to the show page. Enjoy!

Sometimes change is planned, and other times we react to change. And when there are major changes to the KWMR program schedule, we know that it has an impact on our listeners.

People decide to stop doing programs on KWMR the same way that they decide to start doing a program on KWMR. It’s personal. They have an idea, maybe the idea has run its course, maybe a new idea germinates. People move, they have other things that are taking up their time. Change happens.

When these changes happen, the work begins. Filling a vacant spot on the schedule with something that our listeners will dig AND that works for our volunteers, is the goal. Decisions are not taken lightly. It’s a puzzle, a Rubik’s cube, a recipe for a delicious audio soup.

It was really the evening music programming that sucked me into KWMR. I mean, “wow!” There is an amazing variety of great music played on the station from 6:30pm on Monday through Friday and even more great music on the weekend. While enjoying time at home, KWMR became the soundtrack. We know that schedule changes can be traumatic for our listeners. I cried when Jeff Morrison ended his “Wiseacre, The Roots and Routes of Rock ‘n Roll” show in 2011.

Jaime Crespo has decided to retire “Faultline Radio” after 19 years. What a run!!! Thankfully, he’s still involved with KWMR, creating art for us and hosting “Toon In,”and co-hosting “Off Center Sports.” We thank him for his many years of “random music randomly.” I never regretted being “smacked upside the ear-hole” by the tunes that he would choose. Or maybe they chose him. Not sure.

So the puzzle of shoring up the evening music schedulebegan. Lyons Filmer, KWMR’s Program Director and I looked at what the possibilities were, made some calls. Thankfully, everyone was amenable, and for some the moves worked better for their own lives. Can you say, “win win?”

We are dealing with volunteers here. Some of the best in the universe. Starting this week there are some changes. Mondays stay the same. Tuesday evening you will now hear 70s tunes featured opposite Kid Adam’s “DJ Your Life” preceding “After Dark” every other week. This show will be called “70’s Rewind,” thank you, Dr. Decibel.

Wednesday has the most changes as Jeff Manson brings “West County Prowl” to the 6:30pm spot every other Wednesday (formerly Tuesday at 8:30pm) opposite Mike Varley’s “Running with Scissors,”  which is moving from Thursday. These two shows will be filling the spot left by Jaime’s “Faultline Radio.” Larry Rippee and Tony Palmer are staying put. If you are completely confused, don’t worry, it’s all great music, programmed by great people!

Thursday now features Danny and Leah (formerly of “Get Down”) hosting “Mind Waves” every other Thursday at 8:30pm following Shorty (who is staying put). There is a new show which follows “Off the Cuff” called “By Any Means Radio,” hosted by DJ Iria Dust. Great stuff.

“Bakersfield and Beyond” is still opposite Shorty, and no changes to Friday (the usual awesome lineup). I thank all the programmers for their flexibility and willingness to scoot – when scooting worked, to a new spot. Enjoy the tunes!

Amanda Eichstaedt
Station Manager and Executive Director

p.s. Is your membership up to date? You should be hearing from us, if you have not already, now is a great time to  support KWMR!