The Pen Men, The Evolution of Organic, and The Harlem Renaissance

Our upcoming special broadcasts, starting on:

 WED  |  Feb 21

8 AM “Swimming Upstream” Carol Whitman has a primer on text-banking. Want to make a difference?

9 AM “Off Leash” Sniffing Dog Sports and competitive “Nosework.”
2 PM “Classical Wednesday” Music of the Harlem Renaissance: An American Patchwork Quilt.
6:30 PM NEW TIME “West County Prowl” is on the move to 6:30 on Wednesdays.

THU  |  Feb 22

10 PM SPECIAL “By Any Means Radio” DJ Iria Dust drops a new music show!

FRI  |  Feb 23

4 PM “The French Touch” French pop music past and present with Emmanuel.

SAT  |  Feb 24

7 AM “Morning Glory” Classical spring music with Anneke.

SUN  |  Feb 25

4 PM “To Hell and Bach” Hear poetry and other creations by the Pen Men of West Marin.

8 PM “Rock of Ages” Sixties deep tracks, and singer-songwriter Kris Bullock.

MON  |  Feb 26

8 AM “A Cuppa Jo” Mark Kitchell, Director of the new film The Evolution of Organic.

TUE  |  Feb 27

9 AM “Airwaves” Raul Gallyot’s entertaining culture interviews.

WED  |  Feb 28

2 PM “Classical Wednesday” Featuring Handel’s Oratorio “Esther.”

6:30 PM NEW TIME “Running with Scissors” Scoots on over to 6:30 on Wednesdays.